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South Africa
Sport Rowing
Affiliation International Rowing Federation
President Wimpie Du Plessis
Men's coach Roger Barrow
Women's coach Wendy Hutton
Official website
South Africa

Rowing South Africa is sport governing body for rowing in South Africa.

The body was established by its Constituent Members to manage, promote, coordinate, control, discipline and plan the future development of the sport at national and international levels. Despite a high level of rowing at the junior level, RowSA has consistently failed to convert this talent to anything meaningful in the senior level. The coaches have themselves frequently never rowed at a high level - something that is somewhat unique to South Africa.

South Africa has consistently been one of the worst performing nations at the Olympic Games when considering the ratio of participants to medals.[1]

Past Olympic Medalists[edit]

Medal Olympics Event Crew Members
Bronze 2004 Athens Men's Coxless pair Donovan Cech; Ramon di Clemente [2][3]
Gold 2012 London Men's lightweight coxless four James Thompson; John Smith; Matthew Brittain; Sizwe Ndlovu


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