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Film set for 'Rownd a Rownd' in Menai Bridge

Rownd a Rownd (English: "Round and Round") is a soap opera broadcast on the Welsh-language television channel S4C. It was the first Celtic-related language soap specifically directed at a youth audience.[1]

It was originally based on young people who did a paper round (hence the programme's title, based on the wheels of a bicycle), but has since grown to include both their daily school and family life. Phil Redmond, creator of Grange Hill, Brookside, and Hollyoaks, acted as a consultant to the series on its launch in 1995, and again on its tenth anniversary.[2]

The series is filmed in Menai Bridge, Anglesey, Wales. When it began the production company, Nant Films (now Rondo Media), converted a disused garage in Dale Street (Welsh name: "Lon Cilbedlam") into a fake row of shops, which include a café, a hairdresser, a newsagent and a taxi firm. There is a sign outside this set informing the public that the shops are not real. School scenes are filmed in the town's two schools, Ysgol y Borth and Ysgol David Hughes. Hospital scenes are often filmed in nearby Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor, usually in one of the staff hostels.

The series finale involved the Hardy family kicked out of their homes, Barry two-timing and leaving both girls heartbroken, and bully Arthur collapsing during an argument with Barry, possibly dying.


Shopkeeper & Family[edit]

  • Philip Parry - Owner of the shop. He often forces his middle son to volunteer at his shop and his cafe, since he doesn't have a job, which his older brother does, but has left school, unlike his younger brother Dewi, Spent Time In Jail before Moving.
  • Alwena Parry - Philip's wife. She works behind the till and co-owner of the shop, cafe and salon. She has more heart than her husband, who is reluctant in many things.
  • Mathew Parry - The oldest son, whose age is mid-twenties. He is the P.E. teacher at the local school which all young residents go to. Also a womanizer.
  • Sion Parry - Presumably on his Gap Year, he is often forced to work on the financially struggling shop and cafe. Has feelings for Lowri.
  • Dewi Parry - He was bullied by local bully Dyfan Llywelyn and his friend (and Callum's half-sister) Lisa, although over recent months they are on good terms.

Paper Round Boys[edit]

  • Callum Barclay - Appeared at Christmas 2007, to the surprise of his father Vince and Vince's partner, Sophie.
  • Liam - Callum's best, and apparently only, friend apart from new arrival Dafydd. Son of hairdresser Jackie.
  • Dewi Parry - Shopkeeper's son. Was bullied by local bully Dyfan Llywelyn and his friend and Callum's half-sister Lisa, although over recent months they are on good terms.
  • Dyfan Llywelyn - Local bully. He was a rival with Jason Hardy for the paper round, and because Philip was not keen on Dyfan, he refused but was eventually tricked into giving him the round. He was a bully but since his role in the disappearance of Jason Hardy he's shown more heart.

Nikki Salon[edit]

  • Jackie - The Manager Of Nikki Salon. Often busy in the salon, causing her to get stressed and grumpy often. The Salon has had a lot of employment problems, including her daughter running away and her co-worker on maternity leave following the birth of her daughter on Christmas Day.
  • Sophie - Sophie is the partner of local businessman Vince Barclay, adoptive mother of Callum Barclay and mother of a toddler and the new baby, born on Christmas Day 2009. She is currently inactive because of her maternity leave. The storyline of the new baby was because her actress was in fact pregnant.
  • Lowri - New arrival, replacing Sophie. Little is known about Lowri's background. She is a nice character, greeting customers warmly and as a result, many people booked appointments specifically asking for her.

Sgram Cafe[edit]

  • Michelle Keegan-Williams - A stressed mother-of-three. Because of a finance crisis at the cafe, she has lately been struggling with her money, and briefly engaged a rivalry with co-worker Cathrin, although they came up with a plan to save their jobs. Is now in Australia.
  • Cathrin - Fellow co-worker and also struggling financially.

Alwyn Hughes a'i Ferch (Alwyn Hughes and Daughter)[edit]

  • Alwyn Hughes - The local mechanic. Bought the garage from the previous owner before Christmas.
  • D.I. Sian Hughes - Alwyn's sister, although was first mistaken for his wife. It was later revealed that Alwyn's wife died when the children were young. Although her family arrived recently, she has been on the show for a longer time Dates Mathew Parry.
  • Nel - Intelligent eleven-year-old girl, often working in the garage in her spare time with her father.
  • Dafydd - Unlike his sister and father, he doesn't show much of an interest in mechanics, often simply spending his time with his two best friends, Callum and Liam and Girlfriend Gemma.

Walsh & Llywelyn Family[edit]

  • Ken Walsh - Owner of the local Taxi firm K-Kabs with his wife Kay.
  • Kay Walsh - Ken's wife.
  • Kelvin Walsh - Young builder, divorced husband of Mari Llywelyn and father of a young girl named Kate.
  • Klaire Walsh - Recently left college. She spends a lot of her time babysitting Kate, and recently, Lowri's son Robbie. She will re-enter college in March to do nursing.
  • Kylie Walsh - Young girl diagnosed with an unnamed heart disorder, although was later healed.
  • Kate - Toddler daughter of Kelvin and Mari.
  • Mari Llywelyn - Divorcee of Kelvin since dating a lad from college, called John. Recently moved to Cardiff with him.
  • Dyfan Llywelyn - Local bully. He was a rival with Jason Hardy for the paper round, and because Philip was not keen on Dyfan, he refused but was eventually tricked into giving him the round. He was a bully but since his role in the disappearance of Jason Hardy he's shown more heart.
  • Arwel Llywelyn - Father of Dyfan and Mari, and grandfather to Kate. He is very grumpy and often tends to shout on Dyfan's antics.
  • Iwan Llywelyn - Cousin of Dyfan and Mari, A bully. Has feelings for Gemma. One of the only people that knows the truth behind the accident which happened in the first episode of the newest series.

Hardy Family[edit]

  • Iris Hardy - The Hardy boys' mother. Separated from her husband Ben.
  • Barry Hardy - Known as a former criminal although has shown more heart since getting released from prison and looks after his younger brothers well.
  • Jason Hardy - Young boy, known for his recent disappearance due to being bullied by Arthur and Dyfan, Iris' partner. Has a close relationship with his younger brother Dale. and going out with harri
  • Dale Hardy - The youngest Hardy in the household, also a victim from Arthur's bullying and collaborated with Jason to get revenge on Arthur.
  • Arthur - Iris's Train Obsessed old bus driver partner, bullying Jason and Dale and known for his feud with Barry.

Julie's Family[edit]

  • Julie - Former drug addict who lives in a caravan. She is the former partner of Vince and mother of Callum, Adam and Lisa.
  • Lisa - Julie's daughter. She bullied Dewi with Dyfan for a bit, but now they are all friends. She recently been playing around with fireworks around the local garage (owned by Vince). The garage went on fire and Lisa was accused for the fire but found out that she wasn't guilty.


  • Dani - Michelle's Daughter and Rebellious Teenager. Friends With Gemma and Megan.
  • Meical - Michelle's husband. The local milk man.
  • Jen - Jackie's daughter, worked in the Salon and was a very troubled and a rebellious girl. Friends with Barry.
  • Llio James- A beautiful,young woman from south wales and in love with iolo...

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