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This is a list of characters that appear in the Italian animated TV series Winx Club.

The Winx Club[edit]

The Winx Club are a group of seven fairies formed by Bloom in the second episode of the series. Initially, the group started with just five fairies: Bloom, fairy of the Dragon Flame, Stella, fairy of the Sun, Moon and Stars, Flora, fairy of Nature, Musa, fairy of Music, and Tecna, fairy of Technology. Aisha/Layla, fairy of Waves, joined the group in the second season after escaping from Lord Darkar. In the fourth season, Roxy, the fairy of animals, temporarily joined the team as the seventh member but has not been confirmed as an official member; as she is currently studying at Alfea College for Fairies in order to become a full-fledged fairy of animals, and Guardian fairy of her home world, Earth. Bloom's elder sister, Daphne, frequently joins the Winx Club on missions as the nymph of Sirenix, but has not been confirmed as the eighth member of the team.


Voiced by Letizia Ciampa (Italian)
Liza Jacqueline (4Kids dub)
Molly Quinn (Nick dub)
Helena Evangeliou (RAI English, until Season 3)
Angela Galluppo (RAI English, from Season 4)
Origin Domino (Sparks in 4Kids dub)
Known Family King Oritel (birth father)
Queen Marion (birth mother)
Daphne (older sister)
Mike (adopted father)
Vanessa (adopted mother)
Birthday December 10 (Original/Italian)
January 27 (4Kids version)
Fairy sign Dragon

Bloom is the Fairy of the Dragon Flame (renamed the Dragon Fire on 4kids version), the almighty and limitless power of the Great Dragon; the creator of the entire magical universe itself. She discovered her dormant fairy powers after saving Stella from Knut the Ogre and his ghouls sent by the Trix. She always tries her best to help her friends and is known to be generous, brave, loyal, strong, optimistic, beautiful yet a bit stubborn, insecure and can sometimes be quite impulsive, causing her to never back down from a challenge or obstacle. She originally grew up on Earth and was raised by her adoptive parents, the fireman Mike and the florist Vanessa. She later learns that she is the princess and last survivor of her birth planet Domino (Sparks). But later on in the first movie, it becomes the original paradise it used to be when Bloom defeats Mandragora and finally meets her birth parents. Bloom is also the younger sister of the Daphne-the nymph of Sirenix-and the previous keeper of the Dragon Fire. Her pixie is Lockette, the pixie of mazes and portals, her magical pet is Belle, a green and white sheep, and her bonded selkie is Serena, the gatekeeper of Domino. Bloom also has a blue and white pet bunny named Kiko. She is Sky's official girlfriend and later fiance after he proposes to her in the movie Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom, which is seen again in the second movie, though still there have been no actual ceremony. Her birthday is December 10. Bloom's family book displays that she and Sky eventually marry (also shown at the end of the first movie). She is the original creator of the "Winx Club", and is best friend with Stella. She is usually learning about being a fairy and working on her fairy skills. Bloom is the strongest fairy, but is the weakest in the third season because of her incomplete Enchantix form. Her signature colors are blue, royal blue, orange and pink. She has a fair skin tone, copper red hair and cyan blue eyes. It is revealed in one of the Winx movies that her last name is Peters. She is voiced by Molly C. Quinn in the Nickelodeon dub, Helena Evangeliou (Season 1-3) and Angela Galuppo (Season 4) in RAI English and Liza Jacqueline in the 4Kids dub.

  • Princess Stella of Solaria
Voiced by Perla Liberatori (Italian)
Mary Stout Season 1 (4Kids dub)
Su Meredith (Season 2) (4Kids dub)
Grace Shepard (Season 3) (4Kids dub)
Amy Gross (Nick dub)
Jennifer Seguin (RAI English)
Origin Solaria (Valeria in Winx Club: The Quest for the Codex)
Known Family King Radius of Solaria (father)
Queen Luna of Solaria (mother)
Birthday August 18 (Original/Italian)
August 10 (4Kids version)
Fairy sign Mermaid

She is the Fairy of the Shining Sun. Stella is beautiful, talkative, and carefree. She loves being the center of attention and even having an infamous reputation, but she changes throughout the series with the help of her five best friends. She tends to be spontaneous and dislikes extensive planning, but she is able to recognize when her help is needed. Stella is the fashionist of the Winx and cares very much about her appearance. She loves fashion, and her dream is to be a fashion designer, so she is usually creating fashion-forward outfits for herself and her friends. She can be high-handed and sometimes a little bit insensitive. But when it comes down to it, Stella is brave and loyal. She is the 1st princess of the planet Solaria, which is the brightest and sunniest planet in all the magical dimension. Since Solaria is her birth planet, she is the heir to the Solarian throne. Her mother, Queen Luna, represents the moon and her father, King Radius, represents the sun. It is revealed in the first season that they are divorced, but she wishes they would get back together, as it is shown in the third season. Her pixie is Amore, the pixie of love, her magical pet is Ginger, a pink poodle, and her bonded selkie is Illiris, the gatekeeper of Solaria. She is Brandon's official girlfriend and fiance. Her birthday is August 18. Her hobbies are shopping and designing clothes. She is one of the most powerful fairies. Her signature colors are orange, yellow, violet, green, pink and blue. She is best friend with Bloom. She has a medium skin tone, golden-blonde waist-length hair and brown eyes. It is unknown if Stella is crown princess of Solaria; though at one point she become queen for a day. She voiced by Amy Gross in the Nick dub and Mary Stout in the 4Kids dub.

  • Flora of Lynphea
Voiced by Ilaria Latini (Italian)
Kerry Williams (4Kids dub)
Alejandra Reynoso (Nick dub)
Holly Gauthier-Frankel (RAI English)
Origin Lynphea (The Fifth Moon of Marigold in 4Kids version)
Known Family Rose (Mother)
Miele (younger sister)
Birthday March 1 (Original/Italian)
Fairy sign Dryad

She is the Fairy of Nature. She draws her strength from Earth, flowers, wood, plants and trees. Flora is a very beautiful, brave, kind and sensitive girl with a passion for nature and life. She is also quite intelligent in her own right, sweet, loyal and does not believe in hurting others or the environment. Flora is the wisest, passive and thoughtful of the Winx, and she is always the first to ask how anyone is feeling. She can be very shy and lack self-confidence but, with the help of Helia and her friends, she always can find the strength to do things the others can't. She is fond of plants and nature and her room consequently resembles a greenhouse. She comes from Lynphea, the planet of nature where everybody is relaxed, calmed and peaceful. Her pixie is Chatta, the pixie of gossip. In the third season, it is revealed that Flora has a younger sister named Miele (Rose in the 4kids version). Her magical pet is Coco, a pink cat. Aisha is her best friend. Her bonded selkie is Desiree, the gatekeeper of Lynphea. She is Helia's official girlfriend. Flora's birthday is on March 1. Her hobbies are gardening and making magical or even healing potions. Flora is a balanced fairy in terms of her respective strengths and weaknesses. She loves butterflies and her best friends, and her signature colors are light pink, fuchsia, magenta, lime and green. Her skin tone is tan, light brown hair with blonde bangs and narrow jade eyes. She is voiced by Alejandra Reynoso in the Nickelodeon dub and Kerry Williams in the 4Kids dub.

  • Musa of Melody
Voiced by Gemma Donati (Italian)
Lisa Ortiz (4Kids dub)
Romi Dames (Nick dub)
Sarah McCollough (RAI English, until Season 3, Episode 3
Anik Matern (RAI English, from Season 3 Episode 4)
Origin Melody (Harmonic Nebula in 4Kids version)
Known Family Ho-Boe (father)
Matlin (mother, deceased)
Birthday May 30 (Original/Italian)
Fairy sign Elf

She is the Fairy of Music. Musa gets her strength and energy from all kinds of music and sound. She also loves all forms of music and can play any type as well. Although she tries to put up a tough front to isolate herself and is often pessimistic, she is a loyal and caring friend. She is the most down-to-earth out of the Winx and is never afraid to speak her mind. She is a bit of a tomboy, yet can be girly as well. She comes from the planet Melody, which is a place where its people love all kinds of music, especially Musa, who grew up with music all around her. Her mother, Matlin, was a great singer and her father, Ho-Boe, is a great pianist and could even play the cello. Her father was the prince of Melody but gave up his royal title to be with Musa's mother and for his love for music, so in that way Musa is the princess of Melody. When Musa was young, her mother became really ill and passed away, so she holds all her memories in her heart. Her best friend is Tecna. Her pixie is Tune, the pixie of manners, who often gets on Musa's nerves since they are almost the exact opposite of each other in terms of personalities, her magical pet is Pepe, a brown bear, and her bonded selkie is Sonna, the gatekeeper of Melody. Her birthday is on May 30. She is Riven's official girlfriend. Musa and Riven had some difficulties because Riven got jealous and thought Musa was moving on to a more famous life with her music career and would forget about him; Riven then failed to show his support for Musa's dreams; in doing this, he broke her heart and they split up supposedly forever (which she says in the tenth episode of the fourth season), but soon realized they couldn't be apart from each other. Riven then tries to convince her that they love each other a lot, and prove to Musa that he has changed, which inspired her to forgive and finally trust Riven, leading to their reconciliation. She loves and enjoys playing instruments, singing, dancing and making her own music, as well as goldfish. She is one of the fastest fairies. Her signature colors are red, pink, purple, violet and royal blue. Her hair changed throughout the series; in the first season, she has very short pigtails, but onwards from the third season, her hair became straight and waist-length. It is unknown if Musa has changed, because in the first season she was shown to be tomboyish, but in the fourth season she is wearing skirts and has become softer and more caring at heart, unlike her old tomboyish self. She appears with Asian features with light skin tone, dark blue hair and dark violet eyes. She is voiced by Romi Dames in the Nickelodeon dub and Lisa Ortiz in the 4Kids dub.

  • Tecna of Zenith
Voiced by Domitilla D'Amico (Italian)
Dani Schaffel (4Kids dub, Seasons 1-2)
Rebecca Soler (4Kids dub, Season 3)
Morgan Decker (Nick dub)
Lezlie Karls (RAI English, until Season 2 Episode 6)
Jodie Resther (RAI English, from Season 2 Episode 7)
Origin Zenith (Third Binary Sector in 4Kids version)
Known Family Magnetica (mother)
Electrono (father)
Birthday December 16 (Original/Italian)
June 8 (4Kids version)
Fairy sign Triton

She is the Fairy of Technology. Tecna is extremely smart, intelligent, knowledgeable, gifted, and loves all kinds of technology. She is from the planet Zenith and draws her magical abilities from technological and energetic sources. Her self-confidence and perfectionist ways make most of her knowledge of science, which in turn makes her the "go-to" girl for creating devices to get herself and her friends out of trouble. Tecna loves to discover and master the latest video games, gadgets and computer programs. Sometimes she gets engrossed with technology, and her enthusiasm with technology can be annoying. But she is always practical, beautiful and logical, sometimes to a fault. Tecna sometimes has trouble expressing her emotions and bases the majority of her decisions on pure logic, but in the second and third seasons, she learns to get over that and is more open, friendly and more selfless and truly caring towards her friends, even if she doesn't show it often. In the fifth season, Tecna's darker version was shown when the Trix cursed/sabotaged her cellphone and she was turned to a robot. Her pixie is Digit, the pixie of Nanotechnology, her magical pet is Chicko, a duckling, and her bonded selkie is Lithia, the gatekeeper of Zenith. She loves science and technology, and she does a lot of experiments in her spare time, as well as computers, video games and dolphins. She also has a photographic memory. She is best friend with Musa and is Timmy's official girlfriend. Her birthday is December 16. She is princess of her home realm, Zenith. She is one of the two balanced fairies, alongside Flora. Her signature colors are purple, lilac, green, and deep blue. She has white skin tone, magenta hair and teal eyes. She is voiced by Morgan Decker in the Nickelodeon dubbed version, and Dani Schaffel in the 4Kids dub.

  • Princess Aisha of Andros
Voiced by Laura Lenghi (RAI Italian)
Vasthy Mompoint (4Kids dub)
Keke Palmer (Nick dub)
Lucinda Davis (RAI English)
Origin Andros (Tides in 4Kids version)
Known Family King Teredor of Andros (father)
Queen Niobe of Andros (mother)
King Neptune (uncle)
Queen Ligea (aunt)
Princess Tressa (cousin sister)
Prince Nereus (cousin brother)
Prince Tritannus (cousin brother)
Birthday June 15 (Original/Italian)
Fairy sign Gemini

Aisha (known as Layla in the English adaptation) is the Fairy of Waves. She is able to control and manipulate a pale pink fluid called Morphix to take on any shape and form she chooses. Aisha is the princess of the planet Andros, which is a water planet. The mermaids are faithful allies of Aisha's parents and they help to protect the planet. She has a restless, rebellious and wild nature. She is also beautiful, super gutsy, loves all sorts of sports and all types of dance, and faces every difficulty head on. She is also a little bit of an idealist and always on the move. Aisha is more of an athlete, a fighter, dancer and wind-raider rider compared to the rest of the group. She joins the Winx in the second season and brings her pixie friends along with her whom the Winx later bond with. Her pixie is Piff, the pixie of sweet dreams, who quite frequently helps her with her troubling nightmares. Her magical pet is Milly, a white rabbit and her bonded selkie is Lemmy, the keeper of the gate of Andros. She was Nabu's fiance, but when Nabu saved the Warrior Earth fairies, he went into a coma-like state and later on he died. Because of this, Aisha joined the Warrior Earth Fairies to avenge her beloved's death, but she eventually returned to the Winx after they and Nebula defeated the wizards. Her hobbies include sports and dance, and she also loves horses. Her best friend is Flora. Aisha's birthday is June 15. She is a professional-level dancer. She is a fast and strong fairy (she was even one of the three strongest Enchantix fairies alongside Musa and Stella, until Bloom completed hers). Her signature colors are turquoise, aqua, aquamarine, pink, violet, green and lime green. In the fifth season, it is revealed its main villain, Tritannus, is Aisha's cousin and she develops a special relationship with Roy. In the sixth season, she and Nex start having feelings for each other. She has a medium brown skin tone, curly dark brown hair and cerulean eyes. She is voiced by Keke Palmer in the Nickelodeon English dub and Vasthy Mompoint in the 4Kids dub (In the Rai English and 4kids versions, Aisha's name was changed to Layla).

  • Crown Princess Roxy of Tir Nan Og
Voiced by Debora Magnaghi (RAI Italian, until Season 5)
Unknown voice actress (RAI Italian, from Season 6)
Liliana Mumy (Nick dub)
Sara Camacho (RAI English)
Origin Earth/Tir Nan Og (Ireland)
Known Family Klaus (Rick in Nick dub) (father)
Queen Morgana of the Earth Fairies (mother)
Birthday June 9 (Original/Italian)
Fairy sign Elf

She is the Fairy of Animals and the last fairy on planet Earth. She is from the realm Tir Nan Og. Her first appearance is in "The Last Fairy on Earth," the third episode of the fourth season, when Stella had closed the curtain on her. Roxy has light skin tone, straight waist-length magenta hair with long bangs half golden colored and violet eyes. She has taken birth on June 9. The six Winx Club fairies' new mission is to protect Roxy from the four Wizards of the Black Circle, who are after her. Her exceptionally strong magical abilities center around animals, meaning that she has animal-related abilities and spells that take on the forms of animals. She also lives in Gardenia, just like Bloom, and the two are quite close friends. Roxy took birth on June 9. The Winx girls noticed her in the Frutti Music Bar, where she and her father Klaus work, and got to be friends with her later in the season. She owns a pet dog, Artu, whom she loves and cares about very much. She despises anyone who tries to hurt him. Roxy is very much her own person and in the beginning it was hard for the Winx to get through to her. She has quite a stubborn, headstrong and willful personality, but softens as she gets to know Bloom and her friends. It is later revealed that she is the daughter of Morgana, the Queen of Earth's terrestrial fairies, making Roxy the Princess of all of the Earth fairies and rightful heir to the Earth fairy throne of Tir Nan Og. At the end of the fourth season, Ms. Faragonda shows up at the Frutti Music Bar, where Roxy then takes her offer of going to Alfea with the girls and study more powerful fairy magic in the hope of becoming a full-fledged fairy of animals. Her signature colors are lime green and spring green. She is voiced by Liliana Mumy in the Nickelodeon English dub.

  • Crown Princess Daphne of Domino
Voiced by Raffaella Castelli (Italian)
Bella Hudson (4Kids dub)
Elizabeth Gillies (Nick dub)
Origin Domino (Sparks in 4Kids dub)
Known Family King Oritel of Domino (father)
Queen Marion of Domino (mother)
Bloom (younger sister)
Birthday May 3 (Original/Italian)
Fairy sign Satyr

She is the Nymph of Sirenix and derives her magical powers and spells from the sea and the five elements. Daphne has fair skin tone, knee-length blonde hair and light brown eyes. She is the eldest child of Oritel and Miriam of Domino("Sparks") and Bloom's older sister. She is an important character in Bloom's past. She guided Bloom throughout the first three seasons and helped her numerous times, and later assisted her younger sister in restoring Domino and freeing their parents by defeating the Ancestral Witches in the first movie. In the fifth season, it was revealed that Daphne was the last fairy to have achieved the Sirenix power. Unfortunately, the three Ancient Witches had cast a curse upon her Sirenix powers, causing Daphne to become a bodiless spirit. Bloom eventually used her Sirenix wish to have the curse of Sirenix broken forever. This successfully restored Daphne to her physical. In season 6 Daphne finally reconnects with her Sirenix powers and orders the beast of the depths used by the Trix to return to the sea. Daphne later enrolled at Alfea as the History of Magic teacher. She is now officially Crown Princess of her home world. She was Thoren's official girlfriend but eventually married to him in the last episode of sixth season. Her signature colors are cyan, light sea-green and light yellow. She took birth on May 3. Further more of her magical powers are unveiled, she is revealed to derive her Sirenix abilities from the five elements of water, fire, earth, air and Quintessence (though her Air and Quintessence-related Sirenix spells have not been shown yet). She is voiced by Raffaella Castelli in the original version, Bella Hudson in the 4Kids dub, and by Elizabeth Gillies in the Nickelodeon dub.

Supporting characters[edit]

Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker (Nick dub)
Seasons 1-6
First appearance "A Fairy in Gardenia"
Eyes Red
Fur Grey
  • Kiko is Bloom's pet rabbit. He has grey fur with white splashes. He displays an unusually high amount of intelligence for a rabbit, but no one seems to notice. Kiko is suspected through most of the series to have magic powers, which are finally revealed late into the second season. Also due the fact Kiko was able to pass through the barrier of Alfea (which keeps out not-magical beings) without the help from Bloom or Stella as is shown in Season 1. He is also very clumsy and falls a lot.


Voiced by Alessandro Quarta (RAI Italian, TV)
Marco Vivio (RAI Italian, Film)
Dan Green (4Kids dub)
Matt Shively (Nick dub)
Daniel Brochu (RAI English)
Origin Eraklyon (Heraklyon in comics)
Parents King Erendor and Queen Samara of Eraklyon
Birthday March 20 (Original/Italian)
April 27 (4Kids Version)
Color Blue (Appears Yellow in The Season 6 Episode The Flying School)
  • Prince Sky of Eraklyon (Season 1-present) He is a great swordsman and the crowned prince of Eraklyon Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom in the first movie. He has fair skin tone, deep sky blue eyes and longish golden blond hair but in season 4 he cut it to short ones, then in season 5 he left a long fringe. He was born on March 20. He and Bloom developed a romantic interest between each other throughout the series. He and Brandon are the strongest of the group and among the best students at Red Fountain. He is best friend with Brandon and is Bloom's official boyfriend also later became fiance. In season 1, he pretended to be Brandon because Yoshinoya tried in the past to capture the prince & usurp the throne; this name-swapping caused an extreme amount of confusion and upset Stella and Bloom, as the boys they regretted so much that they had lied to them.When lord Darkar possessed Bloom and turned her evil, his love for her returned her to herself.He was engaged to Princess Diaspro, but broke off the engagement because she was selfish and spoiled, and later had her banished for placing a love spell on him that almost made him kill Bloom but with Stella's fairy dust, he was freed from the spell. He is voiced by Matt Shively in the Nickelodeon dub.
Voiced by Massimiliano Alto (RAI Italian)
Greg Abbey (4Kids dub)
Adam Gregory (Nick dub)
Mark Hauser (RAI English)
Origin Eraklyon (Heraklyon in Comics)
Parents Briefly mentioned in Season 2 & 3
Birthday September 23 (Original/Italian)
October 14 (4Kids Version)
Color Green (Appears as Blue in the Season 6 Episode The Flying School)
  • Brandon (Season 1-present) He has short brown hair with a long fringe, tan skin tone and brown eyes. He is Prince Sky's squire as well as best friend and also Stella's official boyfriend plus fiance. His birth happened on September 23. He's the most outgoing of the boys and is very easy to get along with, but is also the first one to stand up for his friends. Despite his confidence, Brandon shows some insecurity about his position as Sky's squire because he does not believe it is compatible with Stella's position as a princess. He is voiced by Adam Gregory in the Nickelodeon dub.
Voiced by Mirko Mazzanti (RAI Italian, TV)
Emiliano Coltori (RAI Italian, Film)
Michael Sinterniklaas (4Kids dub)
Sam Riegel (Nick dub)
Mitchell Rothpan (RAI English)
Origin Unknown
Parents Unknown
Birthday October 15 (Original/Italian)
November 6 (4Kids Version)
Color Purple
  • Riven (Season 1-present) A lone wolf, very competitive, really easy to get jealous but good at sports, he is also very stubborn. He has Asian features like Musa with medium skin tone together with short, spiked, raspberry hair and violet eyes. His birthday is on October 15. His mother left him at his birth and so he is wary of women in general. He is Musa's boyfriend and although the couple occasionally have some flaws in their relationship, it has been improving and blossoming by the end of the fourth season. At first, Riven had a connection with Cloud Tower because he was controlled under a spell which Darcy cast on him, until the witches realized they did not need him anymore and locked him up.(In the RAI version, he went over to the dark side as a spy willingly and while he was imprisoned, the witches used his guilt over what he had done to torture him - betraying his best friends and helping the Trix almost made him kill Musa.) Luckily, in both versions, he escaped and rejoined the good guys. His weapon of choice is either a reddish purple phantosaber or a meteor hammer. Riven is Musa's official boyfriend and was Nabu's best friend but is now Roy's best friend. He is voiced by Sam Riegel in the Nickelodeon dub.
Voiced by Corrado Conforti (RAI Italian, TV)
Davide Perino (RAI Italian, Movies)
Sebastian Arcelus (4Kids dub)
Charlie Schlatter (Nick dub)
Michael Yarmush (RAI English)
Origin Magix
Parents Magix's Scientist
Birthday February 2 (Original/Italian)
Color Yellow
  • Timmy (Season 1-present) is a lanky boy. He has medium skin tone, light brown-orange hair with a small fringe and wears glasses with his small hazel eyes. His birth occurred on February 2. He comes from a family of reputed scientists from Magix. He loves technology, and flying ships from Red Fountain. His aptitude for technology makes him the perfect boyfriend for Tecna and he is also Helia's best friend. He is sweet but shy, even seeming cowardly at times. In Season 2, he is so bashful that it interferes with him telling Tecna how he feels about her. He loves Tecna but he can't tell her that. He is the least skilled of the Specialists in terms of combat but an expert when technological methods are required. He is voiced by in Charlie Schlatter the Nickelodeon dub.
Voiced by Unknown (RAI Italian, TV)
Marc Diraison (4Kids dub)
David Faustino (Nick dub)
Martin Watier (RAI English)
Origin Unknown
Parents Unknown
Birthday September 2 (Original/Italian)
Color Orange
  • Helia (Season 2–present): An artistic student, he is a great pilot and a pacifist. He is a nephew of the headmaster of Red Fountain, Saladin. Helia has long blue-black hair tied into a loose ponytail in the second and third season but cuts it to short spiky fringes in the fourth season,he has medium skin tone and light steel blue eyes. Helia's birthday is on September 2. He is also very romantic and extremely shy about directly speaking about his feelings. He is very good at using his laser string glove and tries to help everyone with it. He came back for his second year at Red Fountain and joined Sky's squad. Helia is the oldest of all the boys because he would have been in his third year at the start of the first season if he had not dropped out to go to art school. Both Helia and Flora love nature and cannot bear to see someone harm it. Helia is best friend with Timmy and is Flora's official boyfriend. Flora was worried that he would leave her for princess Krystal, but he assured her that he would love her and only her for as long as he lived. He is voiced by Marc Diraison in the 4Kids dub and by David Faustino in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Prince Nabu (Season 3-4; recurring in 5): A wizard of nobility born in Andros the same planet Aisha is from. He was engaged to Aisha and secretly left his home planet under the identity of "Ophir" to discover who his would-be wife was and find out what she was truly like. The Winx and the Specialists thought that he was a spy for Valtor. He saved the team on multiple occasions and helped defeat Valtor. He gained Aisha's trust and love. He also joined the group on Earth in the fourth season. He used a magic staff as a weapon. Nabu had very long dark reddish brown hair, often braided or tied. Like Aisha, he also had African appearance, although his skin tone was fairer like light brown. Nabu sacrificed himself to save the Earth fairy kingdom of Tir-Nan-Og. He later died in Season 4 while saving the Earth fairies from a trap laid by Ogron. Even though he was not a Specialist, he was a close friend of the Specialists and the Winx, certainly best friend of Riven. He was voiced by Pete Capella in the 4Kids dub and by Will Blagrove in the Nickelodeon dub. He later appeared in the Season 5 Episode The Shimmering Shells, during Aisha's test of Self Confidence.
  • Roy (Season 5–present): A new Specialist from Andros, who works for Aisha's father. Roy has short, spiky light blond colored hair with gray eyes and medium brown skin tone with African appearance. Like Nabu, Roy also has the ability to use magic. He is very helpful to the Winx because of his ability to fight underwater. He has a crush on Aisha secretly that seems to begin when they were at a party. He shows interest by wanting to cheer her up. Though Aisha was slow to show that she reciprocated his feelings, she openly shows these feelings by Season 6. Roy and Aisha are not officially dating. Later on in Season 6, he gains a rival for Aisha's affection in one of the Paladins—Nex. He is voiced by Bryton James in the Nickelodeon dub.


  • Thoren is Sky's cousin, though they have a grudge against each other. He has medium skin tone, wavy up-folded brown hair and light green eyes. He grows close to Daphne and even started dating her, and eventually later was married to her . His weapon is the Earthquake Hammer.
  • Nex is a friend of Thoren. He has medium skin tone, blue hair and light brown eyes. He and Aisha start to feel attracted to each other in Season 6. His weapon is the Halberd of the Wind.


The pixies are magical beings bonded to the fairies. Each has a special talent similar to how each fairy has a specific power. All known pixies are female, yet in the Italian show Pop Pixie, Digit, Tecna's pixie appears as a male. They make their first appearances in Season 2 after Aisha, Bloom, and Stella rescue them from Lord Darkar.

  • Lockette (Season 2–present): Lockette is Bloom's bonded pixie and she is the Pixie of Portals, she got herself lost, and is constantly on a journey to discover the secrets of her past throughout the series (or 'has many hidden passages in her heart'). Lockette not only helps Bloom find her way physically but also emotionally, as she tries to discover her true self, and connect with her power and family. Lockette's guidance and loyalty saves Bloom on many occasions, and the two are inseparable (much to Kiko's dismay). Lockette like the other pixies does not return in Season 5. She is voiced by Andi Whaley in the 4Kids dub Hynden Walch in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Amore (Season 2–present): Amore lives up to her name. She is the Pixie of Love her sensitive nature is mirrored in appearance by her rosy-red hair, flowing pink dress and floral decorations. She is Stella's bonded pixie. As Stella's bonded pixie, Amore reminds Stella of what is truly important in life: Love. Amore's belief in love as being beautiful and Stella's love for beauty, compliment each other perfectly. She is voiced by Ilaria Latini in the original Italian version (who also voices Flora), Kerry Williams in the 4Kids dub, Hynden Walch in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Chatta (Season 2–present): Chatta is the Pixie of Gossip, who looks somewhat like Stella: long, blonde hair in two ponytails, with a green outfit. She is extremely talkative and open-minded and enjoys writing cheers, and talking about just everything, especially herself. Chatta is also the bravest of the pixies, as she once stood up to Darkar in a Season 2 episode. As Flora's bonded pixie, Flora is very dependent on Chatta, due to Flora's respectively extremely introverted but quiet nature and Chatta's extroverted and talkative personality, which complement each other. Chatta encourages Flora to find the strength to speak her mind, often showing the most positive of outcomes. She also helped Flora tell Helia about her feelings about him (It has been noted and sometimes mistaken that Amore and Chatta could also have fit with each other's associated fairy, due to Amore's floral decorations and Chatta's blonde pigtails and attitude). She is voiced by Lara Jill Miller in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Tune (Season 2–4): Tune is the Pixie of Etiquette or Good Manners, who is polite, even when she is yelling at others. Tune is neat, orderly, prim and proper, old-fashioned with pale purple hair, and a Victorian style outfit in purple, white and blue. Tune believes in being ladylike, a stark contrast to her bonded fairy, Musa, who is famous for her outgoing behavior. In spite of Tune's nagging and correcting, Tune and Musa make the perfect pair, each lessening each other's extremes. A perfect example of 'opposites attract'. She is voiced by Lara Jill Miller in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Digit (Season 2–4): Digit is the Pixie of Nanotechnology (technology on an extremely small scale), who lives up to her name. She is extremely immaculate, logical, precise, mathematical and shows little emotion. She is an obvious match for Tecna, and the two have an extremely close relationship, as Digit and Tecna are perfect for challenging each other's minds (and video game skills), discussing similar interests, and speaking in their technical manner. She is voiced by Lisa Ortiz in the 4Kids dub and by Georgina Cordova in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Piff (Season 2–present): Piff is a baby Pixie of Sweet Dreams, who can turn any nightmare into a sweet dream by falling asleep on someone's head. Piff is unable to talk (so she mostly communicates in baby babble), and depends on Aisha, staying always by her side (or in her hood). Piff is almost always sleeping, and is the perfect match for the restless Aisha, who often tosses and turns in her sleep due to nightmares. Piff also might fall asleep while flying, so Aisha and other pixies must be real quick catching her. Aisha and Piff have an extremely close bond, as Aisha needs Piff to function, and vice versa. They even appear to be a perfect fit visually since Piff was the only pixie she saved. She is voiced by Georgina Cordova in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Cara (season 6-present): Cara is the Pixie of Super-strength. She replaces Digit as Tecna's pixie in season 6. She is voiced by Amy Gross in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Cherie (season 6-present): Cherie is the Pixie of Weather. She replaces Tune as Musa's pixie in season 6. She is voiced by Romi Dames in the Nickelodeon dub.


The selkies live in the oceans of the Magic Dimension and some are the guardians of the gates under the ocean. Tritannus stole their powers to get access to the Infinite Ocean. Their powers are restored when a fairy from their respective home planet bonds with them. Selkies can also sense when their bonded fairy is nearby.

  • Serena is the gatekeeper of the ocean portal of Domino and Bloom's bonded selkie. She is voiced by Laura Bailey in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Illiris is the gatekeeper of ocean portal of Solaria and Stella's bonded selkie. She is voiced by Amy Gross.
  • Desiryee is the gatekeeper of ocean portal of Lynphea and Flora's bonded selkie. She is voiced by Amber Hood in the Nick Dub.
  • Sonna is the gatekeeper of ocean portal of Melody. She is Musa's bonded selkie. She is voiced by Hope Levy in The Nick Dub.
  • Lithia is the gatekeeper of ocean portal of Zenith and Tecna's bonded selkie. She is voiced by Natalie Lander in the Nick Dub.
  • Lemmy is the gatekeeper of ocean portal of Andros and Aisha's bonded selkie. She is the 1st selkie to have a bonded fairy and alongside Nissa are the first 2 selkies to appear in the 5th season. She is voiced by Morgen Decker in the Nickelodeon Dub.
  • Phylla is the gatekeeper of the ocean portal of Tir Nan Og. Roxy is rumored to be her bonded fairy but never onscreen. She is voiced by Romi Dames in The Nick Dub.
  • Nissa is the gatekeeper of ocean portal of Magix. She doesn't have a bounded fairy onscreen but Daphne is rumored to be it. She is voiced by Suger Lyn Beard in the Nickelodeon Dub.


The Trix in their original witch outfits from left to right: Stormy, Icy and Darcy.
The Trix from Season 6 in their new witch outfits.
  • The Trix (seasons 1,2,3,5, 6) are the main villainesses of the series. They managed to "steal" Bloom's power, The Dragon Flame (Fire) until Bloom, with Daphne's help, realised that she had never lost her powers, but was unable to use them because of her doubts, and therefore regained her powers and defeated the Trix. They were arrested and sent to the Fortress of Roccaluce in the end of the first season, but they escaped with the help of Lord Darkar in the beginning of the second season. He gave them their Gloomix which multiplies their strength and magical abilities tenfold. In the third season, they worked with Valtor. He gave them a power-up called Disenchantix, which is the opposite of Enchantix. They made a comeback in the second film as minions of the Ancestral Witches. The Trix returned in the fifth season and gained Dark Sirenix that Tritannus stole from Daphne and gave them. They are the main villains again in the sixth season, at the end of which, they are locked inside the Legendarium book for good.
  • Icy: The leader and the oldest of the trio. She is the Witch whose powers are derived from ice, snow, frost and sleet. She enjoys torturing fairies and despises Bloom and the Winx. Therefore she is most competitive with the girls for the whole series. In comparison to her sisters, she is more aggressive than Darcy, but calmer than Stormy. She has bluish white hair, and has a dark teal hair tube piece in her hair that ties it into a high pony tail with three ice blue diamonds on it and a blue outfit with an 'I' in the middle and dark blue boots. In season two, Darkar gives Icy a light blue necklace (Gloomix) that makes a perfect shape around her neck then makes a wider circle shape and ends with a diamond. Icy is also given the form Disenchantix in the third season, as do Stormy and Darcy. Her boyfriend was Tritannus. In Magical Adventure, Icy says she can take on 1 fairy with her eyes closed but Belladonna tells her to keep them closed because there are 6 and Bloom (alone) took on Icy in the Season 1 finale. She is voiced in the original Italian version by Tatiana Dessi, Lisa Ortiz in the 4kids dub, and by Larisa Oleynik in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Darcy: The second oldest of the trio. Darcy derives her powers from shadows and darkness. She enjoys tormenting pixies and is less aggressive than her sisters. Darcy hypnotized Riven, getting him to turn on the fairies, for most of season one. In season two, Darkar gives Darcy a bracelet (Gloomix) that goes on the back of her hand to her elbow, which is indigo on her left hand. She has long, brown hair and light brown bangs falling through her sides and an indigo outfit with a 'D' on it, she is sometimes seen with glasses. She is voiced in the original Italian version by Federica De Bortoli, Caren Manuel in the 4kids dub, and by Jennifer Cody in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Stormy: The youngest of the trio, she has power over the weather; such as thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and lightning blasts. She is the most hot-tempered of the group and is prone to violent outbursts. She enjoys tormenting both, fairies and pixies. She often does not think before she does something, which can often lead them to dangerous consequences. Stormy is Musa's rival for most of the series. In season two, Darkar gives Stormy a bracelet (Gloomix) that goes on the back of her hand all the way up to her elbow, which is violet on her right hand. She has bluish-lavender hair styled in a cloud-shaped hairdo with light bluish-lavender colored bangs in a lightning bolt shape and a reddish-violet outfit with an 'S' on it. She is voiced in the original Italian version by Valeria Vidali, Suzy Myers in the 4Kids dub, and by Kimberly Brooks in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Lord Darkar, also called the Shadow Phoenix is the primary antagonist of the second season. He is an ancient being from the beginning of when all things were created. In the 4Kids dub, he was created when a man sought to control the shadow fire and merged with it. The Shadow Phoenix is the diametrical opposite of the Dragon, and like the Dragon, he is very powerful. The dragon is the source of energy and light while the Shadow Phoenix absorbs energy and magic, making his essence the opposite of the Dragon's Flame. He is the cause of the destruction of Domino, since the Ancestral Witches were his servers who acted upon his orders. After the Ancestral Witches were defeated, the Lord of the Templars of Roccaluce defeated Lord Darkar and sent him into a deep slumber from which he woke up at the beginning of the second season, possibly by the reappearance of the Dragon Flame in the magical universe. He kidnapped the pixies, rescued the Trix from their prison and used the Codex and Bloom's Dragon Flame to open a portal to the Realm of the Relix. The Shadow Phoenix nearly succeeded in his plot to claim the Ultimate Power and rule the magical universe, but in the end, Darkar was defeated by all six Winx Club members and was destroyed for good. He bears many similarities to Sauron from J. R. R. Tolkien's Legendarium and may have been inspired by him. He is voiced by Jason Griffith in the 4Kids dub and by Michael Dorn in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Valtor is a supremely powerful wizard who aspired to become the greatest sorcerer of the magical universe. He turns people into monsters that willingly serve him and places a magical mark that looks like a "V" on other people so that they too will serve him. By doing so he hopes to be able to conquer each planet or realm. He was created from a dark spark of the Dragon Flame by the Ancestral Witches and in their youth, he and Ms. Griffin were formerly magical companions. During that time he meets Bloom's parents, Queen Marion and King Oritel of Domino, who are both stronger than he is. He was with the Ancestral Witches when they destroyed Domino and he supposedly killed Marion and Oritel the day Domino is destroyed (which is later revealed to be a lie), but not before they were able to imprison him in the Omega Dimension. Seventeen years later, the Trix are sent there as well, where they freed him from his prison. They escape and he conquers the seas of Andros and restores his lost powers with the energy of the second sun of Solaria. He then starts stealing all the magical secrets and spells of all the realms of the Magic Dimension and planning revenge against all those who helped defeating him, hunting down Faragonda, Griffin and Saladin and making their lives miserable since they, together with Marion and Oritel, were part of the Company of Light that fought and defeated the Ancestral Witches and Valtor himself. He also hunts down Bloom, the daughter of Marion and Oritel, as a way of taking his revenge for being imprisoned in the Omega Dimension by them. In the second-to-last episode of season three, Valtor transforms into a demon and unleashes a spell that almost destroys the three schools and Magix but the Winx manage to release the spells that Valtor had stolen. In the final episode, Valtor is destroyed by Bloom when she extinguishes his own Dragon Flame. He functions as the primary villain of season three. He is voiced by Guido Di Naccio in the original version, Sean Schemmel in the 4Kids version, and by Josh Keaton in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • The Ancestral Witches are three ancient witches who attacked Domino in an attempt to obtain the power of the Dragon Flame but were defeated by the Company of Light. However this destroyed Domino by freezing the whole planet, darkening it and petrified and imprisoned all of its inhabitants, including the king and queen of Domino, in the Obsidian Dimension along with the three witches themselves, whose bodies were consumed by the evil of Obsidian and became bodiless spirits. Some time earlier they tried to invade the Infinite Ocean but had to face the nymphs Daphne and Politea. However Politea betrayed Daphne and the witches cursed the Sirenix power that Daphne and Politea possessed, turning Daphne into a disembodied spirit and Politea into a monster. In "The Secret of the Lost Kingdom" the Ancestral Witches found out that the keeper of the Dragon Flame, Bloom, was still alive and used their servant Mandragora to lure her into Obsidian and kill her but were defeated thanks to Sky, Bloom and Daphne. This however freed the witches and with the help of the Trix they tried to destroy all good magic in the universe in Winx Club: Magical Adventure, but they were finally destroyed by a Believix convergence of the Winx Club.
In the French novel adaptation of the movie, the three evil spirits were named:
  • Belladonna - Member of the Ancestral Witches. She bears a resemblance to Icy and she has power over ice. She is voiced by Grey DeLisle in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Lysslis - Member of the Ancestral Witches. She bears a resemblance to Darcy and she has power over darkness. She is voiced by Nika Futterman in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Tharma - Member of the Ancestral Witches. She bears a resemblance to Stormy and she has power over storms. She is voiced by Laraine Newman in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Mandragora is an evil witch who has power over insects and is one of the main antagonists of Secret of the Lost Kingdom. She is the guardian of Obsidian, the realm of pure evil and serves the Ancestral Witches. Bloom and Sky defeated her and the Ancestral Witches in Obsidian, thus restoring Domino to its former glory and saving Bloom's parents and all the inhabitants of Domino.
  • The Wizards Of The Black Circle are the four main villains of the fourth season, who were responsible for the disappearance of fairies from Earth and imprisoning all of the Earth fairies. At some point, they had developed a way to resist fairy magic, which allowed them to capture the fairies of Earth, and steal all the magic from the planet. Throughout the first half of the season, they battle the Winx and almost every time the fairies barely make it out alive. However, as time went on the Winx earned Believix and became more accustomed to fighting them, and eventually were able to give them a real fight. They are defeated in the middle of the season by Bloom, with help from Roxy, who used her Believix powers to convince all of the humans in the area to believe that magic and fairies do indeed exist. This rendered all of the Wizards' powers useless, and made them vulnerable to Bloom's attack. In the beginning of the second half of the season, it is revealed that they are still alive, but their powers are weaker than before and they must hide in the sewers. Later on in the season, the Fairy Hunters claim to be good when Duman falls ill. Duman is taken care of by Sibylla, the Fairy of Justice afterwards, though his power goes out of control and he has to be killed. In the season finale, Ogron, Anagan, and Gantlos are frozen forever in the Omega Dimension. While all four Hunters seem to share certain powers, like opening a Dark Gate to capture fairies and cast dark enchantments, they also have individual powers.
  • Ogron is the leader of the Wizards of the Black Circle. He can absorb and deflect magic. He becomes much stronger and more powerful with every blow of fairy magic he absorbs. He is voiced by Patrizio Prata in the original version, Terence Scammel in the Rai English version, and by Yuri Lowenthal in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Duman is a shapeshifter who can turn into animals and take on the appearances of other people. He dies from an illness that was a result of his unstable powers. He is voiced by Davide Lepore in the original version, Simon Peacock in the Rai English version, and by Josh Keaton in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Anagan possesses superhuman speed. He is voiced by Andrea Lavagnino in the original version, Thor Bishopric in the Rai English version, and by Bumper Robinson in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Gantlos can produce exceptionally powerful, destructive shockwaves. He is voiced by Christian Iansante in the original version, Mark Camacho in the Rai English version, and by Charlie Schlatter in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Tritannus is the main antagonist for the fifth season. He is Aisha's cousin, the son of King Neptune and Queen Ligea, and the brother of Prince Nereus. He was once a normal merman who was sent to prison after trying to kill his twin brother Nereus (who was chosen to be King Neptune's heir to the throne instead of Tritannus) and was stripped of his prince title. He was later mutated into a horrible monster due to toxic pollution and wanted to rule the whole Magic Dimension by absorbing more pollution to become more powerful and by trying to gain the ultimate power of the Infinite Ocean itself. He stole Daphne's Sirenix powers and gave it to the Trix. He and Icy used to flirt and later entered into a romantic relationship, much to the annoyance of Stormy and Darcy. But he betrayed Icy after he activated the Emperor's throne and gains the ultimate power of the Infinite Ocean, which turns him into a monster in both body and spirit. In the end, he is defeated by the Winx after Bloom destroys his Trident where all of his evil powers were stored. Tritannus is banished to Oblivion for his actions. He is voiced by Alberto Bognanni in the original version, and by Adam Wylie in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Selina is the main villain in the sixth season. She is from Earth and is a freshman at Cloud Tower. She owns a magical book called the Legendarium that has the power to make legends come to life. She is quite protective of the Legendarium and will go to any means to make sure that is safe and does not fall into anyone else's hands. In reality, she was willingly working for and obeying the orders of an sorcerer named Acheron, who was sealed within the Legendarium and whom she promised to release in return for extraordinarily strong powers, and knowledge on how to harness all of the evil powers of the Legendarium to their maximum potential. She was revealed to be a best childhood friend of Bloom's; long before she, Bloom, had found out she was a fairy when they both lived in Gardenia as "ordinary girls." She is voiced by Jessica DiCicco in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Acheron is a supremely powerful and dangerous sorcerer who had learned powerful dark magic on Earth from the terrestrial witches. He had created the Legendarium book and tried to use it to become the strongest and most feared sorcerer of the magical universe but was unable to control its powers and ended by being trapped within the very pages of his own creation. He eventually managed to persuade Selina to work for and become strong enough to release him in exchange for granting her great powers and knowledge about harnessing all of the evil powers of the Legendarium to their maximum potential. Once released by Selina, however, he turned against his loyal servant and was later defeated by Bloom by trapping him inside the Infinity Box.
  • Politea is an extremely powerful Sirenix fairy and a nymph just like Daphne and was Daphne's old friend. Politea and Daphne had fought against the Ancestral Witches to protect the Magic Dimension and the Infinite Ocean, but she betrayed Daphne to the Ancestral Witches and they placed a curse on Sirenix which turned Daphne into a bodiless spirit and Politea into a mindless dragon-like monster who lived in a cave in the Infinite Ocean. Darcy and Stormy defeated Politea and she simply faded from reality when her mighty Sirenix powers were drained. She was the main antagonist of the upcoming movie, The Mystery of the Abyss, where she makes a pact with the Trix to free Tritannus and obtain the mystical Pearl of the Deep that will help them conquer the Infinite Ocean, and her to be finally free of the dark Sirenix curse and fully regain a living body of flesh and blood again.

Recurring characters[edit]


Magix is the only known city in the magic dimension.


Alfea is the most important school for fairies in the Magic Dimension.

  • Ms. Faragonda is the Headmistress of Alfea. She is a kind-hearted soul who cares strongly for her students. However, she will not put up with nonsense and will dispense discipline when needed. She teaches Convergence to the fairies of Alfea. Faragonda has a good relationship and a little bit of a rivalry with Ms. Griffin of Cloud Tower, another school for witches in the series. In the third season, it is revealed that this is because they, and Headmaster Saladin of Red Fountain alongside Oritel and Marion, had worked together to help defend Domino [1] from Valtor and the three Ancient Witches. Apparently, Faragonda was friends with Bloom's parents, King Oritel and Queen Marion of Domino, and was deeply disturbed by their disappearance. Faragonda is also a former fairy godmother. She is voiced by Rachael Lillis in the 4Kids version, Larisa Oleynik in the Nickelodeon dub during Season 1-4, and by Kari Wahlgren in the Nickelodeon dub for Beyond Believix (seasons 5-6).[2]
  • Assistant Principal Griselda is the assistant to Ms. Faragonda and Head of Discipline at Alfea. Griselda is the strictest teacher in Alfea. She teaches the fairies a system of techniques involving defense and reflection abilities as well as new spells. She is voiced by Su Meredith in the 4kids version and by Susanne Blakeslee in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Professor Palladium is an elf who teaches Potionology at Alfea. He also is in charge of the Magical Reality chamber, as you can tell in the middle of season one and a couple times in season two and three. Between the first and second seasons, he undergoes an evolution and is now a more confident character with an older appearance. His appearance is similar to the Elves of Tolkien's legendarium. He is voiced by Sebastian Arcelus in the 4kids version and by Mitchell Whitfield in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Professor Wizgiz is a somewhat eccentric teacher and Leprechaun who teaches Metamorphosimbiosis, the process of changing from one form into another, to the fairies of Alfea. He is voiced by Pete Zarustica in the 4Kids dub and by Dee Bradley Baker in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Professor DuFour is a rarely seen teacher. She wears a large scarlet hat and teaches about "good ways" (manners). She has been seen in a few episodes, including an implication that she was once close friends with Musa's parents.
  • Professor Daphne is Bloom's elder sister and the Crown Princess of Domino. She becomes the teacher of History of Magic at Alfea in Season 6 after her body was restored in the Season 5 finale.
  • Professor Avalon is a teacher of Magiphilosophy, a mix of both magic and philosophy. He is also a paladin. It is revealed very late in the second season that Avalon is an impostor working for Darkar and the real Avalon had been trapped in Lord Darkar's stronghold.
  • Knut was a near-sighted ogre who worked for the Trix, but later turned to the good side out of fear that the Trix will target his kind next. He now is a janitor at Alfea. He is voiced by Marc Thompson in the 4Kids dub and by Peter Emswhiller in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Concorda is the guardian of Alfea's Codex. She is bonded to the magic archive of Alfea, where the Codex is hidden within the shelves of books. Concorda loves reading. She also has three pixie pets: a frog, a dingo/fox and a sea horse. She is one of the four powerful pixies in the realm of Magix. She is voiced by Alessia La Monica in the original version.
  • Mirta is a fairy who used to be a witch at Cloudtower before joining Alfea. For interfering in the Trix's business, she is turned into a pumpkin for the second half of the first season. Flora keeps the pumpkin in her room and takes care of it affectionately, trying several times to turn her back. By the end of the first season, she is turned back into a girl and becomes a transfer student to Alfea. She is voiced by Gaia Bolognesi in the original version, Amy Palant in the 4Kids dub, and by Natalie Lander in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Amaryl wears a yellow and green fairy outfit and has pink and orange wings. She has a bit of an attitude and sometimes she is comical. She also almost always wants to be center stage and, depending on the person, can or can't hold grudges for long. Amaryl may have a friendly relationship with Mirta and Lucy, as she can be seen with them at Musa's concert during season two and the three of them are invited by Musa to come on stage with the Winx for the last song. She and Stella didn't get along very well through the first two seasons, as Amaryl had tried to attack Stella in one of their classes. At the end of the third season Stella and Amaryl have put aside their conflicts. She is voiced by Rachael Lillis in the 4Kids dub and by Georgina Cordova in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Francis wears a harlequin fairy outfit. She might be the fairy of comedy or maybe the fairy of happiness, judging by her costume, or maybe is a vision fairy like Jolly. She is friendly, seeing as she hands tissues to everyone while Musa sings a sad song, but definitely as an attitude has she mocks Timmy when he comes looking for Tecna in one episode of season two, during Tecna's phase of hating Timmy.
  • Nova is a fairy that debuted in the third season. She has bright orange hair and she is from Solaria. When the Winx girls, minus Stella, are on Andros, she is the one that gives Stella all the latest news about Solaria. She has a high interest in reading everything. She is a fairy of the sun. She is voiced by Monica Ward in the original version and by Cymphonique Miller in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Princess Krystal is the princess of Linphea her hair is light pink and she wears a mint green dress. The source of her powers is nature and she also has healing powers. She is voiced by Francesca Rinaldi in the original version and by Cymphonique Miller in the Nickelodeon dub.

Cloud Tower[edit]

Cloud Tower is the main school for witches in the Magic Dimension.

  • Professor Griffin is the Headmistress of Cloud Tower. She is a good friend of Faragonda. Griffin can seem mean, but she honestly cares for her students and will defend them if threatened. In season three it is revealed that as a young witch, she once teamed up with Valtor to work for the Ancestral Witches, though she eventually switched to good and ran from Valtor. She went on to help defend Domino alongside Ms. Faragonda and Saladin against the Ancestral Witches. She seems to be very grateful to the Winx, as they have saved her and her school many times. She is also a very good astronomer as revealed in season 2. She is voiced by Carol Jacobanis in the 4kids dub and by Grey DeLisle in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Editrude is a witch who works at Cloud Tower and is the sister of Zarathustra. She teaches hexes at Cloud Tower.
  • Zarathustra is a witch who works at Cloud Tower and is the sister of Editrude. She teaches mayhem at Cloud Tower.
  • Discorda is the guardian of Cloud Tower's Codex and hides in the heart of Cloud Tower. She is naughty, loves fashion and is a little mean. She wears a black and purple dress and is one of the four powerful pixies in the realm of Magix. She is voiced by Tatiana Dessi.
  • Lucy is Mirta's only real friend at Cloud Tower. Tall and pale, Lucy has self-esteem problems and desperately wants to befriend the Trix in the first season, once being tricked, as part of a cruel joke, into entering the Miss Magix competition by the Trix after they used a spell to make her pretty only to be turned back to her original appearance by them. In the second season we learn that she and Mirta have been friends since childhood. In Elementary school, Lucy was popular while Mirta was bullied, however they rejected her when they found out she was a witch. She and Mirta became friends after that. Lucy is intensely proud of being a witch, and Mirta's rejection of dark magic was taken as a personal insult by Lucy. Even though their relationship wasn't very good between the first and the second season, Mirta and Lucy are still very good friends. In the third season Lucy was, like the other witches, controlled by Valtor to attack Alfea, much to Mirta's dismay. Lucy informed Valtor that the Winx were heading to Flora's home world and later helped Griffin to get Cloud Tower back. She is voiced by Rachel Lillis in the 4Kids dub and by Jessica DiCicco in the Nickelodeon dub.

Red Fountain[edit]

Red Fountain is a school for magical warriors called Specialists.

  • Professor Saladin is the headmaster of Red Fountain and Helia's Uncle. He is an old, very powerful wizard. It is revealed in season three that he, Faragonda and Griffin helped defend Domino against the Ancestral Witches. He is voiced by Michael Alston Bailey in the 4Kids dub and by René Auberjonois in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Professor Codatorta is the vice-principal who serves as the Head of Discipline at Redfountain. Not much is known about him other than that he is very robust and active and that he was once a Templar of Roccaluce. He is voiced by Layton Hovercraft in the 4Kids dub and by Dave B. Mitchell in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Athena is the guardian of Redfountain's Codex. She wears a Greek goddess dress because her name comes from the goddess of wisdom and battle in Greek mythology. Athena lives up to her name, she is does not like the teachers at Red Fountain and rarely shows herself. She is one of the four powerful pixies in the realm of Magix.[citation needed]
  • Bishop is a specialist with a purple ponytail on top of his head. He has markings on his forehead.
  • Jared is a dark-haired specialist that has a crush on Musa in season two. Darcy uses him to sabotage the test the Winx take in the simulation lab. He and Musa end up as friends, but by the end of season two Jared is seen with a new love interest, a fairy named Alice.

Pixie Village[edit]

Pixie Village is a village in the Dark Forest where the pixies live in the series. In the second season, Lord Darkar wants to locate the village to steal the Codex to get to Realix. Icy steals the Codex for him and destroys the village's flower of life. Later on, Flora revives the flower.[3]

  • Ninfea is the leader of Pixie village, guarding the village's Codex. She guards and protects Pixie Village in the Dark Forest. She is the mother of all the pixies, she loves playing card games but always stays alert. Ninfea is very kind and wears a green gown and has a green staff. Her hair is like Ms. Griffin's, but green. She is voiced by Rachael Lillis in the 4Kids dub and by Grey DeLisle.
  • Jolly, the Pixie of Fortune-Telling, appears in a few episodes and wears a joker-type outfit. She uses a version of tarot cards to tell the future and is Livy's older sister. She also appears in the first movie, helping the Winx. Jolly's visions always come true, but some people don't believe her. She is voiced by Lara Jill Miller in the Nickelodeon dub to "The Secret of the Lost Kingdom" and by Kari Wahlgren in Season 6 of the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Livy is the Pixie of Messages and surfs on folded messages. She has a habit of being forgetful, but what she lacks in memory, she makes up in heart. Livy isn't bonded to anyone, maybe because of her duty. In the second season, Livy accidentally reveals the location of the Pixie Village to Icy and Darkar. Sometimes when Livy has to send a message, she gets so excited that she leaves without even knowing what the message is. Her folded message surf board can sense if someone needs to send a message. Livy is one of the few pixies shown to have a family, with Jolly as her sister. She is voiced by Titillate Damiano in the original version, Natasha Malinda in the 4Kids dub, and by Lara Jill Miller in the Nickelodeon dub.[citation needed]
  • Zing is the Pixie of Bugs. She is known for her comical imitations of numerous famous characters, such as Spider-man, Doctor Octopus, Jujube, and Professor Lupin from Harry Potter. Zing is very hyper. She wears a fluffy scarf around her neck. She seems to be very fond of the Redfountain boys, Brandon in particular, while they are very fond of her too. She is voiced by Jessica DiCicco in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Glim is the Pixie of Fireflies and, like Piff, is still a baby. Glim has wings that look like orange fan-like bugs. When she is happy, her stomach will light up. She is voiced by Titillate Damiano voices Glim in the original RAI version and by Lara Jill Miller in the Nickelodeon dub.


  • King Enervus is the King of Downland and Amentia's father. He is very full of himself. He has a red vest, purple top, and is obese, as apposed to Amentia's being skinny. His crown is purple, and his loincloth is like Sponsus', but triangular. His sandals are short and gold. He has black hair in a bob and a goatee.
  • Queen Quoeda is the Queen of Downland and Amentia's mother. She is firm, determined, and strict. She is depicted as obese, with short black and purple hair and blue eyes. Her shirt and necklace are like Amentia's, but sky blue. She has a gold skirt with blue fabric in the middle. Her sandals are like Amentia's and Sponsus'.
  • Princess Amentia is the Princess of Downland who tries to marry Brandon in the second season. She is an excellent warrior who will fight to the finish. She is obsessed with perfection and tidiness and is ruthless in pursuit of her goals and impolite in manner, much unlike a fairytale princess. She gets a bit nicer later on, and helps the Winx fight Lord Darkar. After being put under a spell by Amore, she marries Sponsus. Amentia has black hair down to her waist, large orange-brown eyes and medium skin. She wears either a pink bandeau top, a long maroon skirt, a matching necklace and golden crown or a red dress with gold swirls, a silver pearl belt, and a red hood that becomes a cape. Both outfits have the same red strappy sandals.
  • Sponsus is Princess Amentia's loyal servant, who is deeply in love with her. He attempts to win her heart by bestowing gifts on her, but she does not return his affections until Amore sneaks one of her special flowers into Amentia's wedding bouquet during her attempted wedding to Brandon. Sponsus has red hair and blue eyes, and wears an orange loincloth and sandals and blue necklace and his hair is styled in a ponytail.

Lake Roccaluce (The Fortress of Light)[edit]

Shown to be located above the Lake Fortress of Light in non-space, the fortress is unreachable for almost anyone except for advanced magicians who can travel through dimensions. It is a temple high above the clouds on a huge and rocky mountain. After season one, the Trix are sent there for unleashing the Army of Darkness on Magix, but are broken out in the second season by Lord Darkar. At the end of season three, they are captured by the Templars after working with Valtor and are sent to the Prison of Andros.[4]

  • Templars of Roccaluce. The Templars of Roccaluce are knight-monks who study Wu-Gong, an ancient martial art that makes them very highly qualified, magic-resistant warriors.
  • The Lord of the Templars is the leader of the templars. He is the one who defeated Lord Darkar and sent him in a 17-year-long slumber after the destruction of Domino.
  • Nissa is a selkie and the gatekeeper of Magix's ocean portal. She is voiced by Sugar Lyn Beard in the Nickelodeon dub.
Black-Mud Swamp[edit]
  • The Water Nymphs live in the Black-Mud Swamp. They are like tiny little mermaids and live in underwater bubbles made of a material that they produce from the leaves of the Xylith plant which grows only on the back of a giant turtle that was in a deep sleep because of a red willow tree that emitted a hypnotic gas growing on its shell.
  • Queen Algae is the queen of the Water Nymphs.
  • Lusiz is one of the Water Nymphs. She once went to pick Xylith leaves but fell into a deep sleep because of the red willow. The Winx defeated the tree and saved Lusiz.
  • The Red Willow is a magical plant that grew on the back of a giant turtle. The leader of the Red Willows emitted a gas that made all creatures around it sleep and was defeated by Flora and Bloom.

Lord Darkar's Fortress[edit]

Located between the surface of Magix and Downland. A cavernous area that is the location of Lord Darkar's palace, Shadowhaunt, and the home of the shadow creatures. The stone drains magic and power.

  • Keborg is a bat-like creature that serves Lord Darkar as a spy. Lord Darkar often transforms Kerborg into large monsters and sends him on important missions.


  • Vanessa is Bloom's adoptive mother, a florist and is very kind. She is voiced by Kayzie Rogers in the 4Kids dub and by April Stewart in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Mitzi is Bloom's former classmate and rival. She is a totally spoiled girl. She is voiced by Lisa Ortiz in the 4Kids dub and by Daniella Monet in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Macy is Mitzi's younger sister. Unlike Mitzi, she is a sweet person. She is voiced by Ariel Winter in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Jason Queen is a recording artist who discovers Musa's singing talent and decides to make her a pop star. He is voiced by Niseem Onorato in the original version.
  • Klaus (also known as Rick in Nickelodeon's dub) is Morgana's husband and Roxy's dad. It's unknown if he is the former king of Tir Nan Og. He is voiced by Michael Donovan in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Eldora is a fairy godmother and the guardian of the Legendarium, which is currently in Selina's possession. In her youth, she was an Alfea student and, after many travels across the magical universe, became the guardian of the lost Library of Alexandria where she had guarded the Legendarium. On meeting Selina she found that the young girl had great magical potential and decided to become a fairy godmother. However Selina's demeanour changed because of the Legendarium and she chose to become a witch instead of a fairy. Eldora now lives in Gardenia and flowers are her passion.
  • Lu Wei is the last dragon tamer from Earth. He lives in China.
  • Artu is Roxy's pet dog. Ivan Andreani voices Artu in the Italian version. Artu has pale brown fur and pitch-black eyes. Like Kiko, he displays an unusually high amount of intelligence for a dog, but only Roxy notices this.
  • Fairy Pets appear in the fourth season where they were originally soft toys brought to life by the Winx's magic.
    • Belle the Sheep is a white lamb with orange/yellow eyes and green hair with two red bow ties on either side, and she loves adventure and always tries to make fun out of everything. She is Bloom's pet.
    • Ginger the Poodle very pampered, Ginger just loves new outfits or accessories. She is very similar to Stella in terms of being more concerned for her appearance then much anything else. Like Milly, she usually fights for Kiko's attention. Ginger is shown to also be very lively. She is Stella's pet.
    • Coco the Kitten Like Flora, Coco shares her love of plants and flowers. She loves to cuddle with those around her, no matter their alignment or personality. She is Flora's pet.
    • Pepe the Bear is a small brown teddy bear with big purple or light green eyes and pink ears. Pepe loves to dance, but sometimes eats a little too much. She is Musa's pet.
    • Chicko the Duckling is a small yellow duckling with orange eyes and a small hairband on top of her head that ties together three little hairs. She is very much into video games and technology just like Tecna, but also loves to play and is very lively. She is Tecna's pet.
    • Milly the Bunny She is a white bunny with light pink hair, blue eyes and two orange hair ties on her ears with yellow flowers on each. She enjoys working out and fights for the attention of Kiko. She is Aisha's pet.

Tir Nan Og[edit]

Tir Nan Og is the realm of the Earth fairies. It is a realm located in the magic dimension. When the four Wizards of the Black Circle captured the Earth fairies, they imprisoned them in their own kingdom of Tir Nan Og, where most of the terrestrial fairies remained until Roxy and the Winx freed them in Episode 95, The Enchanted Realm, using the White Circle, which is the only key to the realm of the Earth fairies.

  • Queen Morgana is the former Queen of the Earth Fairies, Rick's wife and Roxy's mother. After the Winx freed the Earth fairies she led the Earth fairies' revenge against the Wizards of the Black Circle for imprisoning them, and against the humans for stopping to believe in them and for damaging nature. At the end, she abdicated her Earth fairy throne and went to live with her husband and daughter in Gardenia. She was possibly inspired by Morgan le Fay from the Arthurian legend. She is voiced by Mindy Sterling in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Queen Nebula was one of the majorly powerful terrestrial fairies trapped within the mystical White Circle and Morgana's second in command. She used to be the fairy of peace, but was turned into the fairy of war by her intense rage and vengeance against both humans and the Fairy Hunters. At the end of the fourth season she finally lets go of her anger and becomes the new Queen of the Earth fairies after Morgana abdicates. She is voiced by Karen Strassman in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Diana is the major fairy of nature. She lives in the Amazon Forest with the Amazon fairies. She is voiced by Tara Strong in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Aurora is the major Earth fairy of the North. She lives in a floating ice palace called the Ice Tower. She possesses incredibly powerful cryokinetic abilities over ice, hail, frost, and snow. Her followers are the Arctic fairies. She is voiced by Megan Goldsmith in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Sibylla is the fairy of justice. She escaped from Tir Nan Og and she lives in a cave located in the Sibillini Mountains in Italy, named after her, along with her followers, the Rustic fairies. She is voiced by Laraine Newman in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Phylla is the gatekeeper of Tir Nan Og's ocean portal. She is voiced by Romi Dames.


Domino (renamed Sparks in the 4kids version) is a planet that was the final resting place for the Great Dragon who created the Magic Dimension. Other than Princesses Bloom and Daphne, the following characters are from Domino.

  • King Oritel and Queen Marion/Miriam are the King and Queen of Domino [5] and the parents of Daphne and Bloom. They first appear in season two, episode nine, in Bloom's dream. King Oritel has brown hair and Queen Marion has red hair like Bloom, though Marion's is extremely curly and her hair color is ligher then Bloom's. They are very powerful and a threat to Valtor. They are friends with Faragonda, Griffin and Saladin, who tried to help them in fighting off Valtor. In episode 24 of season three, Bloom goes to Cloud Tower in search of the Three Ancestral Witches. They reveal to her that Valtor lied to her - her parents are not trapped within him, as he pretends they are, but that her parents are still alive in a place beyond magical dimension's reach. It is revealed in the movie that King Oritel and Queen Marion are trapped in a dark realm called the Circle of Obsidian with the Three Ancient Witches themselves and an evil sorceress named Mandragora. After Bloom destroys Mandragora and the Obsidian dimension, Domino is revived, King Oritel and Queen Marion are freed, and happily reunited with their now grown up youngest daughter. King Oritel is voiced by Josh Keaton in the Nickelodeon dub. Queen Marion is voiced by Larisa Oleynik in Season 5 of the Nickelodeon dub and by Grey DeLisle in Season 6 of the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Lord Bartelby was the official scribe of King Oritel and wrote the Book of Fate for him. His spirit now resides in the book. He is voiced by Michael Bell in the Nickelodeon dub for "The Secret of the Lost Kingdom."
  • Serena is the gatekeeper of Domino's ocean portal and is bonded with the youngest princess of Domino. She is voiced by Laura Bailey in the Nickelodeon dub.


Other than Prince Sky and Brandon, the following characters are from the planet Eraklyon.

  • King Erendor and Queen Samara are the King and Queen of Eraklyon and the parents of Sky. They first appear in season one, episode 17, where they are together with Princess Diaspro to watch a show at Redfountain in which Sky appears. Before season one, they paired their son up with Princess Diaspro as his fiancée, but Sky manages to get out of the engagement to be together with Bloom. They don't like her very much until season two, episode 14, in which she helps save Diaspro. King Erendor is voiced by Peter Emswhiller in the Nickelodeon dub. Queen Samara is voiced by Candi Milo in the Nickelodeon dub..[citation needed]
  • Princess Diaspro is a member of Eraklyon's nobility and was Sky's fiance until he met Bloom. She tries to win Sky's affection back by allying with Valtor and having herself nominated as the King's liaison officer of Eraklyon but fails. In Season 6, she joins the Trix. Diaspro is voiced by Veronica Taylor in the 4Kids dub, Ariana Grande in Season 1-5 of the Nickelodeon dub, and by Cassandra Morris in Season 6 of the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Lady is Sky's pet dog. Lady only appears in the first season.
  • Yoshinoya is a powerful man who wants to take control of Eraklyon and it is because of him that Sky and Brandon had to switch identities in Season 1. In Season 2 he kidnapped Diaspro but the Winx saved her.


Other than Princess Stella, the following characters are from the planet Solaria.

  • King Radius is the King of Solaria, he is also Stella's and Takaia's father. He almost marries Countess Cassandra, who, with the help of Valtor, controls Radius to do whatever she says. Cassandra leaves Radius in danger of getting killed by dragons in the eighth episode of season 3. However, Stella saves him and earns her Enchantix powers. He is voiced by André Sogliuzzo in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • ex Queen Luna is the ex Queen of Solaria, she is also Stella's mother. She and King Radius are divorced, but later got back together, in the later episodes in Season 5. She is voiced by Megan Cavanaugh in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Countess Cassandra and Chimera are a mother and daughter duo introduced in the third season of the series. Chimera appears in the first episode, constantly in conflict with the Winx as they shop in preparation for Stella's princess ball on Solaria. Countess Cassandra appears in the second episode, when the Winx girls arrive on Solaria. Both of them team up with Valtor to gain control of Solaria. Cassandra and Stella's and Takaia's father, King Radius, are engaged to be married. Cassandra puts a spell on Radius that forces him to do everything she tells him to, even banishing his own daughters. Chimera uses her powers to turn Stella into a hideous monster. Later in the season, Chimera takes Stella's place as 1st Princess of Solaria. Countess Cassandra is voiced by Meghan McCraken in the 4Kids dub and by Kath Soucie in the Nickelodeon dub. Chimera is voiced by Amanda Brown in the 4Kids dub and by Rachael MacFarlane in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Nova is an old friend of Stella. In season three, when Cassandra and Chimera are ruling and Stella is no longer princess of Solaria, Nova updates Stella with all the news of Cassandra and Chimera's rule.
  • Illiris is the gatekeeper of Solaria's ocean portal and Stella's bonded selkie. She is voiced by Lauren Weisman in the Nickelodeon dub.


Other than Flora, the following characters are from the planet Lynphea.

  • Miele (Rose in some versions) is the little sister of Flora. She helped The Winx find the Sage of Lynphea and is the reason Flora earned her Enchantix. In Season 6, Miele surprised Flora by fighting the Treants with her newly found powers. She is voiced by Jessica DiCicco in Nickelodeon dub.
  • Princess Krystal is the princess of Lynphea and an old friend of Helia. She is voiced by Cymphonique Miller in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Desiryee is the gatekeeper of Lynphea's ocean portal and Flora's bonded selkie. She is voiced by Amber Hood in the Nickelodeon dub.


Other than Musa, the following characters are from Melody.

  • Ho-Boe is Musa's father. He used to be a musician until the death of his dearly beloved wife. He is voiced by Jim Ward in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Matlin is Musa's deceased mother. She was a musician, opera singer and artistic performer. She is voiced by Laura Bailey in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Galatea is a fairy with light blonde hair and is the Princess of the one of the planets in the harmonic relm. She has a cream-colored fairy outfit with darker cream-colored wings shaped like treble clefs with gold trimming. Her civilian outfit is a lilac dress and a golden crown. In episode 10 of season 3, the Trix force her to take them to Alfea's spell chamber so they can steal its spells. Icy is shown freezing and breaking Galatea's wings when she tries to escape. When Galatea tries to save the scrolls and books from a fire that Darcy starts, she is overcome by smoke. Musa sacrifices herself by not leaving Galatea and earns her Enchantix. She is voiced by Bella Hudson in the 4Kids Dub and by Jennifer Hale in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Diletta is the Headmistress of the Golden Auditorium, a prestigious music academy found of Melody. She is a friend of Daphne. Diletta is voiced by Kari Wahlgren.
  • Sonna is the gatekeeper of Melody's ocean portal and Musa's bonded selkie. She is voiced by Hope Levy in the Nickelodeon dub.


Other than Tecna, the following characters are from planet of Zenith.

  • King Cryos is the king of planet Zenith.
  • Lithia is the gatekeeper of Zenith's ocean portal and Tecna's bonded selkie.


Other than Princess Aisha and Prince Nabu, the following characters are from planet Andros (renamed the Realm of Tides in the 4kids version).

  • King Teredor and Queen Niobe are the king and queen of the lands of Andros and the parents of Princess Aisha. King Teredor is also the brother of King Neptune. King Teredore is voiced by Obba Babatundé in the Nickelodeon dub. Queen Niobe is voiced by Grey DeLisle in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • King Neptune and Queen Ligea are mermen and the king and queen of the seas of Andros. They are also parents of Crown Prince Nereus, Prince Tritannus and Princess Tressa. King Neptune is also the brother of King Terador making him the uncle of Princess Aisha. King Neptune is voiced by Keythe Farley in the Nickelodeon dub. Queen Ligea is voiced by Laraine Newman in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Crown Prince Nereus is the twin brother of Prince Tritannus. He is Aisha's cousin brother. Nereus is voiced by Will Friedle in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Prince Tritannus is the twin brother of Crown Prince Nereus and very jealous of him as he did not get the throne. He is Aisha's cousin brother and the main villain in Season 5. He is voiced by Alberto Bognanni in the original version and by Adam Wylie in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Princess Tressa is a mermaid and an ally to Winx. She is Aisha's cousin sister. She is voiced by Kether Donahue in the 4Kids version and by Laura Bailey in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Anne is a childhood friend of Aisha. She appears in Aisha's flashbacks throughout Seasons 2 & 3. She is frequently mentioned by Aisha during Seasons 1,2,3 & 5.
  • Roy is a specialist who is ordered by King Teredor to sail a yacht for the Winx during their quest for Sirenix in season 5. He appears to have feelings for Aisha. Roy has a little magic himself, which he calls "Triton Aura". Roy has blond hair and dark grey eyes. He is voiced by Bryton James in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • Lemmy is the gatekeeper of ocean portal of Andros and Aisha's bonded selkie. She is voiced by Morgan Decker in the Nickelodeon dub.


Pyros is a realm populated by dragons. After Tecna was stuck in the Omega Dimension in the third season, Bloom went there to strengthen her powers in order to become strong enough to defeat Valtor.

  • Maia is an ascetic sorceress who lives on Pyros. She is an old friend of Ms. Faragonda.
  • Buddy is a dragon who lives on Pyros. When Bloom arrives there, Buddy teaches her how to act like a dragon, and Bloom also helps him to find his parents. Buddy is pale green with yellow wings. Compared to the other dragons that are seen on Pyros, he is very small. He is voiced by Sam Cohen in the Nickelodeon dub.

Infinite Ocean[edit]

  • Omnia is the supreme guardian of Sirenix who grants the power of Sirenix to fairies who have completed the Sirenix quest and she invites the Winx and selkies to enter the infinite ocean after they complete their quest. She is voiced by Nika Futterman in the Nickelodeon dub.
  • The Guardian Selkies are selkies who guard the three Pillars of the Infinite Ocean that support the whole Magic Dimension, namely the Pillar of Light, the Pillar of Control and the Pillar of Balance.

Legendarium World[edit]

  • Doorway to the Worlds is a giant structure in the Legendarium world, which tells the Winx to find the Fantasy Emerald and Silver Spear in order to forge the key to lock the Legendarium. According to Eldora's research, it is considered to be the keeper of all knowledge.
  • Rumpelstiltskin is the most cunning, most stubborn, and most brilliant dwarf. He lives in the clearing of Alfea. He is also very tricky but follows the agreements he makes with others. Due to being exposed in Alfea, he had learnt powerful enchantments when he lived there.

The Golden Kingdom[edit]

The Golden Kingdom is a dimension where the Water Stars, which have the power opposite to that of the Dragon Flame, are kept. It is a place both outside and inside Time.

  • Arcadia is the first Fairy to have existed.
  • The Ancient Ones are the inhabitants of the Golden Kingdom. It is composed of Arcadia, a leprechaun-like creature, a mermaid-like being, a centaur and an owl-like creature. They have been living since the beginning of the Magic Dimension and they are guardians of the Water Stars.


  • The Ethereal Fairies are very powerful fairies who live out of time and space. They appeared in Season 4 when they gave the Gifts of Destiny to the Winx and prophesied Nabu's death.


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