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For the American film director, see Roy Clements (director).
Not to be confused with R. E. Clements.

Roy Clements (born 1946 in London) is a British author and former Christian minister. He was a leading figure within Britain's Evangelical Christian movement for more than two decades until he resigned from his pastoral ministry in 1999, having revealed that he is gay.[1] [2] [3] [4]


Roy Clements grew up in the East End of London and earned a Ph.D. in Chemical Physics, before working for the University Colleges Christian Fellowship in Nairobi and serving as pastor of Nairobi Baptist Church in Kenya.[5] He returned to the UK in 1979 when he became pastor of Eden Baptist Church, Cambridge, where he developed a highly successful ministry to students.[6] Over a period of some twenty years, he gained a reputation within the international Christian movement as an accomplished preacher and teacher.[5] Until 1999 he served on the boards of a number of leading evangelical organisations, including the management council of the Evangelical Alliance, which represents more than a million British Christians across 30 denominations.[1] His ministry within British evangelicalism ended in 1999 after he left his wife and began a relationship with another man. Since then, Clements has become a significant new voice within the British gay Christian movement.[citation needed]

List of works[edit]

Theology books and biblical commentaries

  • A Sting in the Tale (IVP), expositions from the parables of Luke
  • Practising Faith in a Pagan World (IVP), expositions from Daniel/Ezekiel
  • Masterplan (IVP)
  • No Longer Slaves (IVP), expositions from Galatians
  • Turning the World Upside Down (IVP), expositions from Acts 1-15
  • People Who Made History (IVP), expositions from Judges/Ruth
  • Songs of Experience (Focus/Baker), expositions from selected Psalms
  • The Strength of Weakness (Focus/Baker), expositions from II Corinthians
  • Introducing Jesus (Kingsway), expositions from the Gospel of John
  • From Head to Heart (Kingsway), expositions from the First Letter of John
  • Word and Spirit (UCCF), an examination of the Bible and the charismatic gift of prophecy
  • Turning Points (UCCF), an overview of cultural trends
  • Why I Believe (Regent College Publishing)
  • Rescue: God's Promise to Save (Focus), with Peter Lewis and Greg Haslam, a short exploration of the five points of Calvinism

Jubilee Centre papers

Clements published a number of papers with Cambridge Papers, a non-profit quarterly publication of the Jubilee Centre, a Cambridge-based centre for contemporary theological reflection which he helped to found. These papers include: "Can Tolerance become the Enemy of Christian Freedom?" (an examination of pluralism in two papers); "Officiously to Keep Alive" (a two-part examination of euthanasia); "Demons and the Mind" (a two-part study of mental illness in the Bible); and "Expository Preaching in a Postmodern World".[7]


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