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Not to be confused with Roy Hoffman.

Rear Admiral Roy F. "Latch" Hoffmann, U.S. Navy (retired) is Chairman of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, established May 4, 2004, in opposition to John Kerry's candidacy for U.S. President. As a naval officer, he patrolled the Mekong Delta on swift boats during the Vietnam War.[1] In an article for Salon, Joe Conason described Hoffmann as "a cigar-chomping former Vietnam commander once described as 'the classic body-count guy' who 'wanted hooches destroyed and people killed.'" [2]

Following his retirement from the Navy, he was a port director in Milwaukee, Wisconsin before being removed from the post.[3]

Hoffmann claimed he got involved with the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth after reading Douglas Brinkley's book "Tour of Duty," which, among other things, detailed Kerry's Swift Boat duty in Vietnam; he told Washington Post, "I couldn't bear that someone was betraying us and being a dastardly liar. If I can be any more plain than that, I don't know."[4]


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