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Roya Arab is a UK-based Iranian musician and archaeologist. Besides music, Roya has a passion for all things Iranian/Persian, past and present.


  • 1996: Archive, Londinium (Island Records): "All Time", "So few Words", "Ubiquitous Wife" (a.k.a. "Headspace"), "Darkroom", "Londinium", "Nothing Else", "Parvaneh (Butterfly)", "Last Five", "Ubiquitous Wife Remix" (hidden song)
  • 1998: Grooverider, Mysteries of Funk: "Rainbows of Colour" (Arab, Grooverider, Optical)
  • 1998: Leila, Like Weather: "Blue Grace" (R. Arab, L. Arab)
  • 1999: Naab, L’étranger: "L’étranger" (Arab, Naab)
  • 2000: Zend Avesta, Organique: "À la Manière" (Arab, Rebotini)
  • 2000: Leila, Courtesy of Choice: "Different time" (R. Arab, L. Arab, G. Jones, Woolley)
  • 2008: Leila, Blood, Looms and Blooms: "Daisies, Cats and Spacemen" (R. Arab, L. Arab)