Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital

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Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital
NHS Grampian
Location Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom
Care system Public NHS
Hospital type Specialist
Emergency department Yes Accident & Emergency
Speciality Children's hospital
Founded 1929
Lists Hospitals in Scotland
This article is about Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital. For other similarly named hospitals, see Children's Hospital (disambiguation).

The Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital or RACH is a children's hospital in Aberdeen (Scotland), United Kingdom. It is situated on the Foresterhill site, with the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and Aberdeen Maternity Hospital. The hospital provides a comprehensive service of paediatric specialties to Grampian, Highlands and Islands and Tayside.

The original RACH was built in 1929, and was replaced in 2004 by a modern hospital.

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View of the hospital behind the Westburn Centre

Coordinates: 57°09′12″N 2°08′06″W / 57.1532°N 2.1351°W / 57.1532; -2.1351