Royal Albanian Army

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Royal Albanian Army
Ushtria Mbretërore e Shqipëris
Albanian Royal Army.png
Insignia of the Albanian Royal Army
Flag of Albanian Royal Army
Founded 1928
Current form Albanian Army
Disbanded 1939
Service branches Royal Infantry
Royal Artillery
Royal Engineers
Royal Navy
Royal Gendarmerie
Royal Guard
Royal Border Guard
Headquarters Tirana
Commander-in-Chief Zogu[1][2]
Marshal of Albania Zogu
Generals Xhemal Aranitasi
Gustav von Myrdacz
Military age 18 - 50
Conscription 18 month
Reserve personnel 29.860
Deployed personnel 15.600
Budget 21.3 million Franga in 1938
Foreign suppliers United Kingdom
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Royal Albanian Army with Zogu

The Royal Albanian Army (Albanian: Ushtria Mbretërore Shqiptare) was the army of Albanian Kingdom and King Zogu from 1928 until 1939. Its commander-in-chief was King Zog; its commander General Xhemal Aranitasi; its Chief of Staff was General Gustav von Myrdacz. The army was mainly financed by Italy during period 1936–39.[3]


There were two rank systems, the first was replaced in 1936. The new ranks were used until 1939.

Ranks (1929–36)[edit]

Rank General Lieutenant-General Major-General Colonel Lieutenant-Colonel Major
Royal Army General Royal Albanian Staff.jpg Lieutenant-General Royal Albanian Staff.jpg Major-General Royal Albanian Army.jpg Colonel Royal Albanian Army Infantery.jpg Lieutenant Colonel Royal Albanian Artillery.jpg Major Royal Albanian Guard.jpg
Albanian title Gjeneral Gjeneral-Leitenant Gjeneral-Major Kolonel Nënkolonel Major
Captain 1st Lieutenant Lieutenant Staff Sergeant Sergeant Corporal Private
Captain Royal Albanian Infantery.jpg 1st lieutenant Royal Guard.jpg Lieutenant Royal Albanian Engineer.jpg Staff sergeant Royal Albanian Artillery.jpg Sergeant Royal Albanian engineer.jpg Corporal Royal Albanian Guard.jpg Soldier Royal Albanian Army.jpg
Kapiten Toger Nëntoger Rreshter Tetar Ushtar I Parë Ushtar

Ranks (1936–39)[edit]

English name General Lieutenant-General Major-General Captain 1st Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant Seregant Corporal Soldier
Albania Royal Army.svg
Royal Army
Gjeneral (General) Royal Albanian Army.jpg Gjeneral-Leitenant Lieutenant-General Royal Albanian Army.jpg Gjeneral-Major Major-General Royal Albanian Army.jpg Kapiten Captain Royal Albanian Army.jpg Toger 1st Lieutenant Royal Albanian Army.jpg Nëntoger Lieutenant 2nd class Royal Albanian Army.jpg Rreshter Seregant Royal Albanian Army.jpg Tetar Corporal Royal Albanian Army.jpg Ushtar I Parë Private 1st Class Royal Albanian Army.jpg Usthar Private Royal Albanian Army.jpg
Heads Royal Albanian Army Head Gjeneral.png Royal Albanian Army Head Gjeneral-Leitenant.png Royal Albanian Army Head Gjeneral-Major.png Royal Albanian Army Head Kapiten.png Royal Albanian Army Head Toger.png Royal Albanian Army Head Nëntoger.png Royal Albanian Army Head Rreshter.png Royal Albanian Army Head Tetar.png Royal Albanian Army Head Ushtar I Parë.png Royal Albanian Army Head Ushtar.png
Albanian title Gjeneral Gjeneral-Leitenant Gjeneral-Major Kapiten Toger Nëntoger Rreshter Tetar Ushtar I Parë Ushtar

List of weapons[edit]





List of equipments[edit]


  • 780 officers + 13200 soldiers + 1620 NCO
  • Around 15000 conscripts (1939)
  • 9 military districts
  • 12 infantry battalions
  • 2 motorized infantry squadrons
  • 9 engineers companies
  • 1200 tribal officers + 29860 tribal militia
  • 204 HMG
  • 10700 carbines (Carcano M1891, Mannlicher, Mosin)
  • 1104 revolvers (Glisenti M1889)
  • 16196 rifles (Beretta Model 38 &1918)
  • 12 batteries of 65 mm Italian
  • 6 batteries of 75 mm Skoda
  • 2 batteries of 105 mm Italian
  • 2 batteries of 149 mm Italian (8 guns)
  • 1 coastal artillery battery in Durrës
  • 3 AA artillery batteries
  • Two tanks FIAT 3000B
  • Six tankettes Ansoldo CV.33
  • Armored cars: 2 Bianchi, 6 Lancia IZ


  • 158 personnel
  • 2 gunboats (ex-German minesweepers type FM=Flachgehende Minensuchboote)
  • 170 t, 43/6/1.7 m, 14 kn., 76 mm gun, 2 MG
  • Built in 1918/19, bought c. 1925.
  • "Shqipnja" (ex-FM 16) & "Skanderbeg" (ex-FM 23)
  • 4 patrolboats of Italian MAS class
  • Built & bought in 1926 in Venice
  • 46 t, 17 kn., 76 mm gun, 2 MG
  • "Tirana", "Saranda", "Durres", "Shengjin"

Air Force[edit]

  • 5 aircraft (Albatros-Fokker L45),
  • Unknown number of personnel


  • 131 (officers) + 440 (NCO) + 3206 (soldiers)
  • 6 battalions (every battalion had 500 - 600 men)
  • Behind vehicles are the numbers that were in use by the Albanian army.

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