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The Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium (French::L'Institut royal météorologique de Belgique or IRM) (Dutch::Koninklijk Meteorologisch Instituut or KMI) is a Belgian federal institute of the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office (BELSPO). It is located in Uccle and in Dourbes. The meteorological institute performs scientific research and provides public services on the sciences of the atmosphere and meteorological geophysics, hydrology, geomagnetism and magnetohydrodynamics.

The institute studies the physics, chemistry and dynamics of the atmosphere on a macro-, meso- or micro-scale. In addition the institute studies the effects of atmospheric disturbances on the surfaces of the continents and oceans, on electromagnetic and acoustic waves and on certain extraterrestrial phenomena. The institute gathers data which constitute a basis for studies in climatology and hydrology.

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