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Royal Navy Dockyards are harbours where either commissioned ships are based, or where ships are overhauled and refitted. Historically, the Royal Navy maintained a string of dockyards around the world, although few are now operating today.

United Kingdom dockyards[edit]

During the Victorian period dockyards were divided into groups according to construction capacity:

Great dockyards[edit]

Large dockyards[edit]

Medium dockyards[edit]

Small dockyards[edit]

Former 19th and 20th century dockyards[edit]


Overseas dockyards[edit]


  • Gibraltar, the dockyard is now operated as a commercial facility by Gibdock, although there is still a Royal Navy presence, which provides a maintenance capability. Gibraltar's naval docks are an important base for NATO. British and US nuclear submarines frequently visit the Z berths at Gibraltar (source: Hansard). A Z berth provides the facility for nuclear submarines to visit for operational or recreational purposes, and for non-nuclear repairs.
  • Singapore, the original RN base at Sembawang, known formerly as the HMNB Singapore, is no longer in use now by the Singapore Navy, who have since built 2 more modern bases in the island nation. There is, however, a continuing RN presence, along with the RAN and RNZN, under the auspices of the Five Power Defence Arrangements. The US Navy is also present at the former HMNB Singapore. One of the many adjacent bases, formerly known as HMS Terror, is now the main recreation and welfare centre for US Navy personnel, known as the 'Terror Club'.
  • Mount Pleasant Base, Falkland Islands
  • Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory


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