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This article is about the Danish brewery. For the Quebec brewery, see Unibroue.
Royal Unibrew A/S
Location Fakse
Barrels per year 4.8 million hl.
Owner(s) Public
Active beers
Name Type
Royal Export
Royal Selection
Royal Stout Stout
Royal Pilsner Lager
Royal Classic Lager
Royal Red Lager
Albani Odense Pilsner Lager
Ceres Top Lager
Faxe Fad Lager
Thor Pilsner Lager
Maribo Pilsner Lager

Royal Unibrew is the second largest brewery group in Denmark, selling under the brands Ceres, Faxe and Albani, although their best selling beer is marketed as Royal. The company was known as Bryggerigruppen until May 2005.

Royal Unibrew also has a strong presence in the Baltic region, where it owns Vilniaus Tauras, Kalnapilis (both in Lithuania), and Lāčplēša Alus (in Latvia), as well as in Poland, where it has recently purchased the Strzelec beer and Brok breweries, and most recently Browar Łomża. It also brews and markets Heineken in Denmark.

List of subsidiaries[edit]

Brewery Country
Hartwall Finland
Albani Bryggeriene A/S Denmark
Brok Browar Poland
Browar Łomża Poland
Ceres Bryggeriet Denmark
Cido Latvia
Faxe Denmark
Kalnapilis Lithuania
Lāčplēša Alus Latvia
Līvu Alus Latvia
Maribo Bryghus Denmark
Strzelec Brewery Poland
Tauras Lithuania

Royal Brand[edit]

The largest brand of Unibrew is Royal. It is based on the two most popular beers in the Unibrew: The Ceres Royal Export, and Faxe Pilsner/Classic. Royal Export was also brewed by the other breweries in the group, but later the Pilsner and Classic were added to make a complete family of beer as is traditional in Denmark.

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