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Royal de Luxe is a French mechanical marionette street theatre company. They were founded in 1979 in Aix-en-Provence[1] by Jean-Luc Courcoult. After some years based in Toulouse, the company moved to Nantes in 1989, the company has performed in France, Belgium, England, Germany, Iceland, Chile, Australia and Mexico.

Gigantic puppets[edit]

Many of their spectacles use gigantic puppets:

Title Locations Remarks
The giant falls from the sky
The giant falls from the sky, last voyage
Return to Africa
The giraffe hunters
The Sultan's Elephant Nantes, May 2005
London, May 2006
Antwerp, July 2006
A story about a time-travelling girl.
Often called The Giant Little Girl on Internet-posted videos.

The Elephant is nowadays considered as an official symbol of the city of Nantes ; he's also one of the city's most popular touristic landmarks.

The Hidden Rhinoceros Santiago de Chile, January 2007
The Giant of the Titanic Nantes, June 2009 [2]
Photoblog of the show
The Diver and the Giant Little Girl Berlin, October 2009
Antwerp, August 2010
The Mexican Giant, the dog Xolo and the Little Indian Girl Guadalajara, November 2010
Nantes, May 2011
Photoset of the show in Nantes
Sea Odyssey: Giants Spectacular Liverpool, April 2012 Little Girl Giant and Xolo the Dog awake from their slumbers and try to find Diving Uncle [3]
Memories of August 1914 Liverpool, July 2014 Grandmother awakes and walks with Little Girl and dog [4]

Other works[edit]

  • The true history of France
  • Roman photo tournage
  • The Peplum (with odorama)
  • Revolt of the Mannequins.[5] After Nantes in February 2008 and Antwerp, in July 2008, It was played in Berlin, in November 2008
  • They were also said to have made another giant, more lightweight elephant used in Take That Presents: The Circus Live, atop which the four band members performed "The Garden".[citation needed] This elephant had to be made much more lightweight to be transported between venues.

See also[edit]

  • La Princesse, a giant mechanical spider designed by the same man who designed the Sultan's Elephant but produced by La Machine - a different performing arts company.
  • Les Balayeurs du désert, an accompanying band who perform much of the music for productions run by the Royal de Luxe.


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