Not of This Earth (Joe Satriani album)

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Not of This Earth
Studio album by Joe Satriani
Released 1986 (1986)[1]
Recorded Early 1985[2] at Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco
Genre Instrumental rock
Length 38:42
Label Relativity
Producer Joe Satriani, John Cuniberti
Joe Satriani chronology
Joe Satriani
Not of This Earth
Surfing with the Alien
Alternative cover
1987 reissue
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 4/5 stars[3]

Not of This Earth is the first studio album by guitarist Joe Satriani, released in 1986 through Relativity Records[1] and reissued on June 16, 2008 through Epic Records as part of the Joe Satriani Original Album Classics box set.[4]


In the liner notes, Satriani provides a brief introduction to himself and the background behind Not of This Earth. He states that his goal was "to make a 'guitar-record' that would be enjoyed by all; not just a 'guitar-chops-record' but one with real music on it." He also mentions the recording of a follow-up album which he promises "will turn heads, drop jaws and create world peace in our lifetime!";[2] this would become his 1987 breakthrough smash hit Surfing with the Alien.

The album uses electronic drums rather than acoustic drums. The title track utilizes a unique compositional technique described by Satriani as pitch axis theory, which consists of shifting modes underneath a pedal tone (in this case, E). "The Enigmatic" uses the enigmatic scale.[5] "Rubina" is one of two tracks named after his wife, the other being "Rubina's Blue Sky Happiness" on The Extremist (1992). "The Headless Horseman" is performed entirely using a two-handed tapping technique, and was revisited in the form of "Headless" on Flying in a Blue Dream (1989).

The original cover art used for the first vinyl edition of the album was lost early on, having since been replaced with an alternative cover; the latter has been used for all CD releases since 1987. Also of note is the guitar, an Ibanez 540P, with which Satriani is pictured on this second edition cover: it was never actually used by him, and was instead "a promo shot that got too much press".[6]

Track listing[edit]

All music composed by Joe Satriani.

No. Title Length
1. "Not of This Earth"   4:04
2. "The Snake"   4:43
3. "Rubina"   5:56
4. "Memories"   4:06
5. "Brother John"   2:10
6. "The Enigmatic"   3:26
7. "Driving at Night"   3:33
8. "Hordes of Locusts"   4:59
9. "New Day"   3:52
10. "The Headless Horseman"   1:53
Total length:



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