Rubina (composition)

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Song by Joe Satriani from the album Not of This Earth
Released 1986
Recorded 1985
Genre Instrumental rock
Length 5:50
Label Relativity Records
Writer Joe Satriani
Producer Joe Satriani
John Cuniberti
Not of This Earth track listing
"The Snake"
"Brother John"

"Rubina" is a song by guitarist Joe Satriani, featured on his debut album (and named after his wife), Not of This Earth, released in 1986. It is the third track on the album and the recorded album version is 5 minutes 50 seconds in length. The track is notable for the use of the harmonics technique by Satriani. The chord progression of this emotional ballad is G major to E minor.

The track remains one of his more popular songs which Satriani still performs regularly at his latest concerts, though with slight adaptation. Often during live performances, the song begins with a suspended second arpeggio section which can be heard at the beginning of the song "Turkey Man," which is featured on the album Additional Creations.

The fifth track on Satriani's 1992 album The Extremist is entitled "Rubina's Blue Sky Happiness", and is also about his wife.

In 2008 Satriani recorded a song called "Come on Baby" featured on the album Professor Satchafunkilus and the Musterion of Rock which was, in Satriani's words, written for his wife Rubina; but, as he explains in his podcast, he wrote the song in 1993 and he never had the courage to perform it until now.