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Ruby License
Author Yukihiro Matsumoto
Publisher Yukihiro Matsumoto, et al.
DFSG compatible Yes[1]
FSF approved Yes[2]
OSI approved No
GPL compatible Yes[2]
Copyleft Limited
Linking from code with a different license Yes

The Ruby License is license applied to the Ruby programming language and also available to be used in other projects. It is approved by the Free Software Foundation although it has not been reviewed (approved Open Source) by the Open Source Initiative.


The Ruby License has a very weak copyleft, allowing itself to be re-licensed under the terms of a waiver agreement. It also allows a part of itself to be distributed in a "larger work", in a similar manner to the MPL or CDDL.

Dual licensing[edit]

For Ruby versions up to 1.9.2, it included an explicit dual-licensing clause that allowed covered software to be distributed under the terms of the GPL instead of those of the Ruby License itself. For versions since 1.9.2, starting with 1.9.3, the reference implementation of Ruby has used a version of the Ruby License that includes an explicit dual-licensing clause that allows covered software to be distributed under the terms of the Simplified BSD License instead.

The Free Software Foundation comments: "This is a free software licence, compatible with the GPL via an explicit dual-licensing clause."[2]


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