Rudolf Cederström

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Rudolf Cederström

Olof Rudolf Cederström (8 February 1764 – 1 June 1833) was a naval commander, hired by the Swedish admiralty in 1779. In 1790 he conducted a raid against Paldiski (Rogevik). He distinguished himself in 1790 at the naval Battle of Reval and the Battle of Viborg Bay. During the following years he led ships against English pirates in the North Sea. He was sent in 1801 to fight alongside the United States Navy in the Mediterranean during the First Barbary War. In 1808 his ships were sent to blockade Gotland in order to repel the Russian invaders. His last military action was against Denmark and France in 1813, when he as a naval officer helped Swedish forces capture Vorpommern. In 1815 he was appointed a minister, but returned to the navy in 1818, and resigned in 1828.

In 1793 he married countess Charlotta Katarina Wrangel af Sauss. He received the Royal Order of the Seraphim in 1816.


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