Rudolf Fila

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Rudolf Fila
Born 19 July 1932
Příbram na Morave, Czechoslovakia
Occupation Painter, Educator, Author

Rudolf Fila (born 19 July 1932 in Příbram na Morave, Czechoslovakia) is a Slovak painter, educator and author, best known for his artistic reinterpretations of the works of Gustav Klimt. He resides in Bratislava, Slovakia.



Fila's works are represented in the collections of the Slovak National Gallery, the National Gallery in Prague, the Museum of the 20th Century in Vienna, the permanent exhibition of the Credit Suisse Art Collection in London and other cities in Europe and the United States.[1]


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  • Fila, Rudolf and Filová, Dorota (2005). Premeny: Kópie, citácie, premaľby (in Slovak). Bratislava, Slovakia: Petrus. ISBN 80-88939-55-0. 



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