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Modern pub in a Colonial-era building
Typical night-scene in Gemmayze
Public event on the Escalier de l'Art
Modern and old architecture along the street

Rue Gouraud is a mixed residential and commercial street in Gemmayzeh, a neighborhood in the Achrafieh district of Beirut in Lebanon. Gemmayze, and Rue Gouraud specifically, is Beirut's artistic bohemian quarter, an old district full of narrow streets and beautiful historic buildings from the French era. The neighborhood is well known for its trendy bars and pubs, cafes, restaurants and lounges; most are directly located on Rue Gouraud, the main thoroughfare that cuts through the middle of the district. The street, which was named after the French General Henri Gouraud, has become one of Beirut's trendiest streets with numerous high-end restaurants and tourism facilities.[1]
Rue Gouraud is known especially for its culinary scene that is popular with Beirut's fashionistas.[2] The street borders the Saifi Village and runs east of Beirut Central District extending from Avenue Georges Haddad and reaching the Corniche du Fleuve. In 2004, Travel + Leisure magazine called the street "SoHo by the Sea," due to its colorful and chic cafés amid 1950's apartment buildings and hole-in-the-wall shops.[3] Similarly to Rue Monot, this area is old and historic, and was designed well before the invention of automobiles, so going by car through its narrow streets requires a lot of patience. Local complaints has risen recently of foreigners buying up and renovating properties, leading to gentrification and pricing out many locals from living there. so

The street leads to the Saint Nicolas Stairs, also known as Escalier de l'Art, where art festivals are held every year. The stairs also lead to Rue Sursock. The street is also walking distance from Rue Monnot and Saifi Village.



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Coordinates: 33°53′43″N 35°30′37″E / 33.89528°N 35.51028°E / 33.89528; 35.51028