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Rufus and Carla was the moniker Stax Records used when releasing duets by Rufus Thomas and daughter Carla Thomas. They have the distinction of sharing the company's first hit "Cause I Love You" when Stax was briefly known as Satellite Records. Another hit was their version of "The Night Time Is the Right Time".

Carla Thomas was also part of a string of successful duets ("Tramp", "Knock On Wood", "Lovey Dovey", "New Year's Resolution") with the label's biggest star, Otis Redding. These were compiled on 1967's King & Queen album.


  • 1960 "Cause I Love You" / "Deep Down Inside" (Stax102)
  • 1964 "Cause That’s Really Some Good" / "Night Time Is the Right" Time (Stax151)
  • 1965 "When You Move You Lose" / "We’re Tight" (Stax176)
  • 1966 "Birds and Bees" / "Never Let You Go" (Stax184)

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