Rugby Ekstraliga

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Rugby Ekstraliga
Sport Rugby union
Founded 1957
No. of teams 8
Country  Poland
Most recent champion(s) RC Lechia Gdańsk
Most titles AZS-AWF Warsaw

Rugby Ekstraliga (Polish: Ekstraliga Polska w rugby union) is the premier league for rugby union in Poland.

The competition was founded in 1957 and currently consists of eight teams. For victory, a team gets four points, two points for a tie and zero for a loss. The first, historical rugby champion of Poland was the team of AZS-AWF Warsaw, which altogether holds the record of 15 championship titles. RC Lechia Gdańsk are the current national champions (2013). The team that finishes last is relegated to I liga Rugby.


Extraliga Teams[edit]

Team Stadium City
Arka Gdynia National Rugby Stadium (2 425) Gdynia
Budowlani Lublin Stadion przy ul. Krasińskiego 11 Lublin
Budowlani Łódź Górniczej 5 Łódź
Lechia Gdańsk Traugutta 29 (11811) major matches
Grunwaldzkiej 244
Ogniwo Sopot Jana z Kolna 18 Sopot
Orkan Sochaczew Warszawskiej 80 (3 000) Sochaczew
Posnania Słowiańskiej 78 (4 000) Poznań
Pogoń Siedlce Wojskowej (5 000) Siedlce

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