Rugby union in the Dominican Republic

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Rugby union in the Dominican Republic is a minor, but growing sport.

Governing body[edit]

The governing body is the Dominican Rugby Federation which is currently affiliated to NAWIRA, but not IRB.


Rugby was introduced to the Dominican Republic by French diplomat Jean-Paul Bossuge, vice consul at the time, in 1972.[1] Jean Paul Rugby Club is named after him.[1]

Rugby began to grow in the seventies, but went into decline in the early 1990s.[1] There was however a revival in 1997, and from 1997 to 2000 the DR was represented in Trinidad and Tobago's Rugby Sevens Tournament.[1]

There are clubs in San Cristóbal, La Romana and Santo Domingo, and it is played in the universities.[1] There are nine rugby clubs in Santo Domingo alone: the Santo Domingo Rugby Club, Los Minas, Diablitos de Charlie, UASD, UNPHU, Caribe, Piranas, Osos and Red Dragon.[1]

Like many other countries, rugby has suffered here from lack of Olympic recognition.

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