Ruger SR1911

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Ruger SR1911
Ruger SR1911
Type Semi-automatic pistol
Place of origin  United States
Production history
Manufacturer Sturm, Ruger & Co.
Unit cost $829.00[1]
Produced 2011–present[1]
Variants SR1911 Commander (SR1911CMD)
Weight 39 ounces (1,100 g), SR1911
36.4 ounces (1,030 g), SR1911CMD [1]
Length 8.67 inches (22.0 cm), SR1911
7.75 inches (19.7 cm), SR1911CMD [1]
Barrel length 5 inches (13 cm), SR1911
4.25 inches (10.8 cm), SR1911CMD [1]
Width 1.34 inches (3.4 cm)[1]
Height 5.45 inches (13.8 cm)[1]

Caliber .45 ACP[1]
Barrels 1:16 right hand twist [1]
Action Short recoil operation (Single Action)[1]
Feed system 8+1 round magazine, SR1911
7+1 round magazine, SR1911CMD [1]
Sights Fixed Novak 3-dot[1]

The Ruger SR1911 is a semi-automatic pistol modeled after the classic M1911 pistol, which has served the US armed forces for over 100 years. Like the M1911, the Ruger 1911 is single action only. It also has features such as a beavertail grip safety and a manually operated thumb safety.

To improve quality, the stainless steel barrel and bushings are all produced from the same bar stock and on the same machine. Features such as an oversized ejection port and an extended magazine release enhance the performance of the weapon as well. The SR1911 also has a visual inspection port which allows for visual confirmation that the chamber is loaded.[2]


  • SR1911 Commander (SR1911CMD): has a shorter overall length of 7.75", shorter barrel length of 4.25", reduced magazine capacity of 7+1, and lighter unloaded weight of 36.40 oz.[1]


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