Ruisui, Hualien

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Ruisui Township
Nickname(s): Mizuho (水尾,みずほ)
Ruisui HL.svg
Coordinates: 23°26′0″N 121°30′0″E / 23.43333°N 121.50000°E / 23.43333; 121.50000Coordinates: 23°26′0″N 121°30′0″E / 23.43333°N 121.50000°E / 23.43333; 121.50000
Country  Republic of China (Taiwan)
Region Eastern Taiwan
 • Type Township
 • Mayor Rong-Sheng Hsu (許榮盛)
 • Total 135.5862 km2 (52.3501 sq mi)
Population (January 2014)
 • Total 12,179
Time zone CST (UTC+8)
Post code 978
Subdivision 11 Villages
Website (Chinese)

Ruisui Township (Chinese: 瑞穗; pinyin: Ruìsuì Xiāng) is a rural township located in southern Hualien County, Taiwan, and has a population of 13,000 inhabitants and 11 villages. The Tropic of Cancer passes through here.

This township is an alluvial plain which located in the mid Huatung Valley between Central Mountain Range, Haian Range(Coastal Range) and Wuhe Terrace. Rafting activity on the Xiuguluan River often starts from the Ruisui Bridge.

The climate is between tropical and subtropical momsoon with humid climate. The population is composed of Min Nan, Hakka, and Taiwanese aborigines, most of which is the Amis tribe. Agriculture and tourism are major industries.

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TienHe tea
Tropic of Cancer Monument


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