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Studio album by Zayra Alvarez
Released August 31, 2004
Label Sony International
Zayra Alvarez chronology
Breaking Up Gray Skies
Baby Likes to Bang

Ruleta is the second album from singer Zayra Alvarez. It was first released in 2004 by Brando Records and distributed by Sony International. This version contained only Spanish language songs.

Following Zayra's appearances on Rockstar: Supernova, where her song "Lluvia de Mar" was the only Spanish language song in the competition, the album was re-released in September 2006. This version features a significantly different tracklisting and artwork. The fifteen tracks include: eight of the original Spanish songs, an English rerecording of "Por Siempre" ("Forever"), one song from her previous English release Breaking Up Gray Skies ("So Long") as well as four previously unreleased English language songs.

As with Breaking Up Gray Skies, Zayra's surname does not appear on the cover art for either release.

Track listing[edit]

2004 release[edit]

  1. "Hoy"
  2. "Cuando"
  3. "Por Siempre"
  4. "Cada Momento"
  5. "Solo"
  6. "Entiendeme"
  7. "Amigo Mio"
  8. "Aire"
  9. "Digo No"
  10. "Lluvia de Mar"
  11. "Alma Boricua"

2006 release[edit]

  1. "Rock Me Baby"
  2. "This Is Love"
  3. "Alma Boricua"
  4. "So Long"
  5. "Lluvia de Mar"
  6. "Amigo Mio"
  7. "Hoy"
  8. "Entiendeme"
  9. "Broken"
  10. "Cuando"
  11. "Monet"
  12. "Forever" ("Por Siempre")
Bonus tracks
  1. "Rock Me Baby" (edit)
  2. "Solo"
  3. "Por Siempre"


Although no physical singles were produced from this album, music videos were made for both "Hoy" and "Cada Momento"

The song "Lluvia de Mar" received exposure when Zayra chose to perform it on Rockstar:Supernova as her original song choice on August 15, 2006.