Rumbling Hole

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Rumbling Hole
Rumbling hole entrance rigging.jpg
Two cavers rigging the entrance pitch
Map showing the location of Rumbling Hole
Map showing the location of Rumbling Hole
Location Leck Fell, Lancashire, England
OS grid SD 6717379128
Coordinates 54°12′25″N 2°30′17″W / 54.206836°N 2.504781°W / 54.206836; -2.504781Coordinates: 54°12′25″N 2°30′17″W / 54.206836°N 2.504781°W / 54.206836; -2.504781
Depth 119 metres (390 ft)
Length 213 metres (699 ft)
Discovery 1932
Geology Limestone
List of
Rumbling Beck Cave 54°12.406′N 2°30.300′W / 54.206767°N 2.505000°W / 54.206767; -2.505000 (Rumbling Beck Cave)
sink hole 54°12.396′N 2°30.344′W / 54.206600°N 2.505733°W / 54.206600; -2.505733 (sink hole)
Access CNCC Permit
Cave survey cavemaps
BRAC grade 4

Rumbling Hole is one of the many fenced-off sinkholes near the road on Leck Fell, Lancashire, England. The entrance shaft is approximately 50 metres (160 ft) deep and often has a small waterfall cascading down the side opposite the three trees that grow at the edge of the vertical shaft, one of which provides a convenient belay point for the entrance pitch.[1]

A connection was made between Rumbling Hole and Lost John's Cave by Lancaster University Speleological Society in 1985;[2] it is a part of The Three Counties System.

During a visit to Rumbling Beck Cave (a short horizontal cave that sinks 30 metres (98 ft) from the main sinkhole and discharges its stream into the main shaft) in late 2007, the Misty Mountain Mud Miners noticed an unexplored hole in the side of the shaft and, over six trips, pushed a new 350 metres (1,150 ft) long route, named the Dead Bobbin Series, down to 118 metres (387 ft) below surface level,[3] installing £160 worth of fixed bolts.[4]


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