Rumpole and the Primrose Path

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Rumpole and the Primrose Path
Genre Radio Play
Running time 4 x 45 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language(s) English
Home station BBC Radio 4
Starring Timothy West
Prunella Scales
Sophie Thompson
Joanna David
Creator(s) John Mortimer
Writer(s) Richard Stoneman (adapted)[dubious ]
Director(s) Marilyn Imrie
Air dates 24 September 2003 to 15 October 2003
No. of series 1
No. of episodes 4

Rumpole and the Primrose Path is a light hearted legal comedy, one of six short stories in an anthology [1]by writer John Mortimer. It is the 12th in a series based in part on his own past experiences as a barrister but also notable for their use of themes topical at the time each was published.[2] It begins with the eponymous hero[3] marooned in a nursing home where he feels some shady business is going on. It was later the first episode in a short series of 45 minute radio plays starring real life husband and wife duo Timothy West and Prunella Scales.[4] The additional stories were: