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Run Book Automation
Other names IT Process Automation
Classification Procedure or Methodology to implement Automation

Run book automation (RBA) is the process of automating manual processes within ITIL (infrastructure technology infrastructure library). This is distinguished from process automation which is the optimization of processes, where as run book automation leverage specific workflow technologies to implement a runbook (which is a set of operational procedures).[1] Run Book Automation is about automating procedures to differ this from Etl[disambiguation needed] which is about modifying and moving data.

Common themes found in runbook automation include:

  1. Reviewing information from a ticket, alert, phone call, or email[2]
  1. Enriching the information by doing lookups to learn more about the problem or task at hand. Typically this involves doing lookups in the CMDB
  2. Connecting to various systems to perform manual procedures
  3. Updating the user by updating the original ticket, alert, call or email

Vendors in the market[edit]

According to Gartner the leading vendors in the industry are:[3]

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