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For the band, see Runrig.
Rig and furrow marks at Buchans Field, Wester Kittochside.

Run rig, or runrig, was a system of land occupation practised in northern and western Great Britain, especially Scotland. The name refers to the ridge and furrow pattern characteristic of this system (and some others), with alternating "runs" (furrows) and "rigs" (ridges). The system continued in use into the 20th century in the Hebrides. In Ireland, a similar system was called rundale.

In areas where arable farming was abandoned and the land surface remained unchanged, the characteristic corrugated topography of run rig is still visible. It is particularly well-preserved at the Braid Hills golf course in Edinburgh.

An infield area close to the farmhouse was cultivated and manured regularly whilst outlying land was ploughed for five years before being permitted to lie fallow.

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