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Runan County (Traditional: 汝南縣; Simplified: 汝南县; Pinyin: Rǔnán Xiàn) is a county in Zhumadian, Henan, China.


In ancient times this area was sometimes called "the middle of the world", since it was the centre of government for Yu province and lay at the heart of the Nine Provinces. During the Han Dynasty, it contributed the most officials to the central government of any commandery, and was ancestral home to the immensely influential Ru'nan Yuan clan. In former times Runan County was at various times called Ancheng County (安城县) and Ruyang County (汝阳县) amongst others. During the Zhou Dynasty (1045-256 BCE), the vassal State of Dao(道国)fell within the borders of the county.

Ru'nan was also named Caizhou (Chinese: 蔡州).[1] The town was the site of a major battle, the siege of Caizhou, in the war between the Mongol Empire and Jurchen Jin Dynasty. Emperor Aizong, the Jurchen ruler, had fled to Caizhou after the Jin capital of Kaifeng was captured by the Mongols. He committed suicide in Caizhou and his successor, Emperor Modi, was killed in the besieged town. The Jin Dynasty ended with the fall of Caizhou.[2]


Today Runan County falls under the jurisdiction of the prefecture level city of Zhumadian. With a land area of 1306 square kilometres the county is home to some 770,000 people (2002 figure). The county government is based in the town of Runing (汝宁镇).


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