Runnymede Farm

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Runnymede Farm
Type Horse breeding
Industry Thoroughbred Horse racing
Founded 1867
Headquarters Paris, Kentucky, United States
Key people Founders: Ezekiel F. Clay & Catesby Woodford
Current owner:
Catesby Woodford Clay

Runnymede Farm is an American horse breeding farm located outside Paris, Kentucky on U.S. Route 27, the Paris-Cynthiana Road. Breeders of Thoroughbreds, the 365-acre (1.48 km2) farm was established in 1867 by American Civil War Colonels Ezekiel Field Clay and Catesby Woodford.

Colonel Ezekiel Clay (1840–1920), whose father, Brutus J. Clay, was a member of the Kentucky House of Representatives and the United States House of Representatives and a breeder of Thoroughbreds and champion cattle. He was a nephew of abolitionist Cassius Clay and a cousin to Henry Clay.

Catesby Woodford (d. age 74 in 1923) was a wealthy Paris, Kentucky distiller who became President of the Race Horse Owners' and Trainers' Association and whose New York Times obituary said "was regarded as the dean of Kentucky sportsmen."

The farm has had a long history of breeding success. U.S. Racing Hall of Fame inductees Miss Woodford, Hanover, Ben Brush, and Roamer were bred at Runnymede Farm. As well, the farm has bred:

Runnymede Farm is owned by Catesby Woodford Clay, a grandson of founder, Ezekiel Clay.


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