Rupert (TV series)

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Genre Cartoon series
Directed by Gary Hurst
Dale Schott
Voices of (See article)
Composer(s) Milan Kymlicka
Country of origin Canada
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 5
No. of episodes 65 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Pierre Bertrand-Jaume
Philippe Gildas
Michael Hirsh
Patrick Loubert
Robert Réa
Clive A. Smith
Producer(s) Patricia R. Burns
Merle-Anne Ridley
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) Nelvana Limited
Ellipse Programmé
Funbag Animation Studios
Television South
Scottish Television
Original channel YTV
Original release September 1, 1991 – June 1, 1997

Rupert is an animated television series based on the Mary Tourtel character Rupert Bear, produced by Nelvana, Ellipse Programmé and TVS for the first season, with Scottish Television (now STV Central) taking over control when TVS closed. Aired from 1991 to 1997 with 65 half-hour episodes produced. It was broadcast in syndication on YTV in Canada. In the United States, the show first aired on Nickelodeon before moving to CBS [1]; repeats of the series came to Disney Channel on the Playhouse Disney block, Toon Disney, and on Qubo's digital service in January 2007, until May 2013. The show was broadcast in the UK on CITV and has recently been re-airing on the satellite and cable channels Tiny Pop and KidsCo. In Australia, the show was broadcast on the ABC public broadcasting network and on TV2 in New Zealand as part of the Jason Gunn Show.


Main characters[edit]

  • Rupert Bear is a considerate, smart, resourceful, brave, trusty, good spirited white bear who is extremely popular with all the residents in Nutwood. On occasion he breaks the fourth wall in addressing his observations and making comments to the viewer.
  • Bill Badger – Rupert's best friend, who, unlike Rupert, often presents a lot of flaws, such as cowardice, impatience, clumsiness, and a horrible singing voice. He has a baby brother named Tobey, who appears to be fond of Bill's singing voice.
  • Mr. Bear – Rupert's father. He is much more clumsy and forgetful compared to Rupert. He smokes a pipe. Mr. Bear (as shown in the episode "The Firebird") and Podgy's father are part of the Nutwood Fire Brigade.
  • Mrs. Bear – Rupert's mother. Like her son, she is wise and often offers advice to Rupert who later uses it during his adventures.
  • Podgy Pig – A jolly, yet greedy and not very bright pig with a large appetite. He is very friendly to others and appears not to see that his friends sometimes find him annoying. His appetite at times can lead him and his friends into trouble, but Rupert can look past this to go out of his way to help Podgy.
  • Pong Ping – A pekinese from China who owns an elevator that can travel underground all the way to China. He has a wealth of knowledge of his culture including dragons and various magical objects. He's also good at maths.
  • Professor – A very friendly and eccentric scientist who live in old castle tower in Nutwood, who invents many incredible devices during the series. Rupert often helps out with his experiments. Once the Professor starts an experiment, he never rests. He has the catchphrase, "Think of the possibilities, my boy(s)!" whenever he is explaining his experiments and all the benefits that can come from it to Rupert and his friends.
  • Tiger Lily – Rupert's female Chinese friend. The only human student in school and the member of one of few human families in Nutwood. She and her family have a lot of knowledge on magic and mystic objects.
  • Algy Pug – Rupert's friend, a pug who often overestimates his abilities and takes a lot of pride in himself. Despite his flaws he is shown to be a good and helpful friend for Rupert and others.
  • Edward Trunk – Another friend of Rupert. An elephant, very kind and sensitive.
  • Gregory - A guinea pig who is very kind and friends with Rupert. Sometimes he can be nervous and scared, but he meets the challenges head on when his friends need help.
  • Ottoline the Otter – Rupert's friend who is an otter of a Scottish descent who loves Shakespeare and lives in an old castle that belonged to her ancestors. The castle has many secret entrances hidden all over. Ottoline has vast knowledge of each entrances location and will prefer to use them instead of the stairs.
  • Freddy and Ferdie Fox - Two mischievous twin foxes who spread mischief around the village of Nutwood.
  • Constable Growler – A dog, local policeman, he rides a bicycle. He constantly says he needs to do "everything by the book, you know" and is always turned to by Rupert and his friends whenever they need help catching a criminal.

Minor Characters[edit]

  • Cedric Pig - Podgy's father, who is often going and doing expensive things like vacationing on yachts with his wife Lilly. Like his son, he is good friends with Rupert's father and also has a huge appetite to match. He is also a part of the Nutwood Fire Brigade, as seen in (The Firebird). Whenever he sees a fire, he shouts "Fire!" and goes off to switch into his fire brigade gear and goes to put out the nearest fire.
  • Lilly Pig - Podgy's mom, who often goes on vacations with Podgy's father and often reminds Podgy to watch his appetite and not eat too much.
  • Mrs. Badger - Bill and Tobey's loving mother.
  • Toby - Bill's baby brother who occasionally tags along with Bill and Rupert on their adventures. He can be easily lulled to sleep by Bill's awful singing.
  • Mr. Tusk - Edward's father, who is a skilled plumber. His expertise is passed on to son. He's also around when ever there is water problems.
  • Professor Chimp - wears a schoolmasters uniform, and teaches Rupert and his friends. The lessons he teaches provide Rupert aid on his adventures in the episodes he appears.
  • Mr. Chimp - A store clerk who runs the store in Nutwood, Rupert often works there on Saturdays to earn extra money, and due to him looking the same and sharing voice actor, he could be the brother or a relative of Professor Chimps.
  • Frances - A young adventurous girl who lives on Sandy Cove. Rupert befriends her, and she aids him in finding the chameleon and the Tiger's Eye, a priceless jewel.
  • Chinese Emperor - The emperor of China, who is good friends with Pong Ping and often invites him and Rupert for special visits. He also owns a dragon which he keeps as a pet. The pet got jealous of Pong Ping during one of his visits and almost had him eaten by a larger dragon until Rupert and the pet dragon saved him.
  • Magic Carpet - This character was tricked by an evil genie and turned into a carpet. The carpet stole the evil genie's lamp only for it to run into Rupert and Bill. They all end up captured by the Genie's evil band of Black Turbans. They would later defeat the Genie. In the end it was revealed that the Carpet was really a Sultana of the kingdom of Chandalar.
  • Constable Robinson - An Urban Constable dog, who is not used to the country, and is also not one to be fooled.
  • Constable Blatherstock - A female Constable dog who was called by Robinson when Rupert and Growler escaped custody.
  • Sage of Um - A wizard and Tiger Lilly's friend. He has a vast amount magic stored in similarly colored purple bags that he keeps in his sleeve. He is forgetful, often mistaking one purple satchel for another. He also has a magic umbrella that will take the rider anywhere he wishes to go and uses this as his main mode of transportation. He owns a magical staff with a crystal ball that can show the future. It only shows part of the future, which can lead to complications, like those of Rupert and Tiger Lily in (The Crystal Ball).
  • The Conjuror - A powerful Chinese wizard, he is Tiger Lily's father, and friends with Rupert and the Sage of Um. He is knowledgeable about the mystic arts. He is enemies with Tung-Lai, an evil sorcerer who is banished by the emperor.
  • Princess Cristin - The daughter of Old King Cole who is love with her father's fiddler.
  • Fred Fiddler - One of Old King Cole's three fiddlers. He wished to marry the King's daughter Cristin, but was forbidden to do so because he was a commoner.
  • Mother Goose - She appears in Storyland and help Rupert and Podgy find Fred Fiddler. Then she shows how Storyland has gone upside down with King Cole being unhappy and Fred Fiddler missing.
  • Bernie - A baby firebird or phoenix that hatched from a ruby-like egg that Rupert found underground. When Bernie hatched, he had a hard time controlling his fire power. Rupert found a home for him at the Bird King's kingdom.
  • Marina - A very young blond-headed mermaid with a pink T-shirt and a green tail who is friends with Rupert.
  • Finian (voiced by Colin O'Meara) - A blond merboy with a purple conch shell necklace pendant and a green tail who is friends with Rupert.
  • King Neptune - Inspired by the Roman god of the seas, he initially misunderstands Rupert, but later turns against the sharks and barracuda.
  • Santa Claus - Based on the holiday character, Santa is always happy to see Rupert and often comes to him for help, usually by sending the Little Cowboy to take Rupert to the North Pole.
  • The Little Cowboy - A little cowboy who is good friends with both Rupert and Santa. He usually helps deliver Christmas letters to the North Pole and of course help deliver presents. He is often sent by Santa to bring Rupert to the North Pole whenever Santa needs help.
  • Jack Frost - A ice imp who can create ice with a magic ice wand and taps on all the windows, covering them with frost. He is good friends with Rupert and enemies with Billy Blizzard, who tried to steal his wand.
  • Father Time - An old man who has control over time and has a large room that has many clocks. The largest one can control time. He can use it to freeze time so he can take a vacation. He even returns after the Professor invents a clock that can manipulate time only to mess up Nutwood's time.
  • The Sandman - A tiny man who puts people to sleep with his magical sleeping sand. When he got wind that Podgy was purposely avoiding sleep all week, he paid the young pig and Rupert a visit, only for him to help Podgy overcome his recurring nightmare by taking him and Rupert to dream land.
  • Raggety - A lonely wood imp who lives inside of trees, causing them to die. This is a problem [as seen in "Raggety"] when the pixies of Spring were trying to start Spring. Raggety ruined their work by moving into different trees and killing them off. He has a grumpy attitude and chases away anyone who tries to befriend him. He very curious about things and constantly questions what something is.
  • Dewey - A living rain cloud that befriends Rupert and Bill.
  • Clerk of The Weather - An office clerk who runs the schedule and pattern of the weather. When ever something is a miss with the weather Rupert is sure to go to him. He often worries that such certain irregularities within the weather would constitute chaos.
  • Clerk of the Weather's Assistant - He works wit the clerk of the weather and temporarily took over position when he was on break. He always believe that he never makes a mistake.
  • Imps of Spring - Imps of spring are tiny imps who take care of the plants and help them grow. They also help prepare the spring by bringing the all of the trees to life with their wands.
  • Autumn Elves - They, like the imps, help prepare for the fall by sprinkling gold dust on the trees to give the leaves that golden color. They usually hide by turning themselves invisible with a magical bell, though if anyone other than an autumn elf uses the bell they stay invisible forever, unless the king of the elves sprinkles his special gold dust.
  • Odmimadod - A talking scarecrow who is friends with Rupert. He lives on Gaffer George's farm and watches over the crops and the sheep. No one except Rupert knows that he's alive. (Rupert and the Wool Gatherers)
  • Ticktock - A cuckoo bird who flies like a real bird. She belongs to a clock.
  • The Bird King - An anthropomorphic bird who lives in a castle in the clouds and rules a kingdom of birds. He first appeared in "Twilight Fan". At first he despised the idea of flying machines as he thought that birds where the only creatures that should fly. He later appeared when Rupert need his help in "The Firebird" when he gave the firebird chick a home in his kingdom.
  • The Wise Old Goat - A wise old sage-like Goat who owns a time machine that allows two people to visit the past while wearing amulets. He is another person that Rupert goes to for advice. (Rupert and Algy's Misadventure, Rupert and Ginger)
  • Little Yum - A baby yeti, he is seen in "Little Yum" and the "The Dragon Race".
  • Lilly - A reed warbler who wants her song back.
  • Uncle Polar - Rupert's Polar Bear uncle that lives in the North Pole.
  • Uncle Grizzly - Rupert's Grizzly Bear uncle that lives in the wild west in America. He is a prospector and is said to have big dreams and never gives up on them like Rupert. Many of the local bumpkins used to consider him as a crazy old fool because he had been searching for gold in the same spot in Fools Canyon for the past 30 years; however he never lets that stop him.
  • The Snake King - A large snake that Rupert rescued while he and Podgy were stranded on an island. He returned the favor when he and Podgy led his troops to free Rupert and the sailors who were trapped by the crocodiles that lived on the island.
  • The Mulps - a race of purple haired hedgehog like race of people they often visited by the Mulp Gulper who wishes to eat them, but offers them the chance to bring him a champion to take their place to defeat him. They seek out people who claim to be champions and recruit Algy after seeing his feats.
  • Captain Bill, Young Tom and Mr. Ribbons - Three friendly elderly retired pirates who live in the Rocky Bay Retirement Home For Old Pirates. They are good friends with Rupert and will spin old tales of life on sea to Rupert whenever he visits them. He even helped show them that they are never too old for adventure. They also work together with Rupert when Granddad the River Pirate steals the donated treasure for a re-enactment treasure hunt and pins the blame on his grandchildren. Together Rupert, the pirates, and the grandchildren work together to take him down. A running gag that occurs in their appearance is that due to Mr. Ribbon's hearing he often misinterprets what people say.
  • Rika - Rupert's female Icelandic friend who appears in "Rupert and Billy Blizzard". She takes care of Santa's reindeer.
  • The April Fool - A dwarfish, silly jokester who wears a jester's outfit. He is a brilliant prankster and enjoys playing jokes, telling riddles and jokes, magic tricks, and gags. He claims that April Fool's Day was named after him. Despite the fun he brings with his jokes, he doesn't know when to stop and when enough is enough, which led to his expulsion from the village of Applewood by the villagers. Rupert and Gregory taught him a lesson and helped him learn self-control and taught the adults of Applewood how to have fun again.
  • Nessie - The legendary Loch Ness Monster. Rupert met her during a fishing trip with his folks. Soon after meeting him she is befriended by Rupert, Bill, and the Professor. Later, she is captured by a Scotsman who wishes to put her on display until Rupert and the Professor free her and promise to keep her a secret. She has blue eyelids and a Scottish accent.
  • A.R.C.H.I.E - A robot invented by the professor, he is designed to do many tasks ranging from housework to yard work. The Professor planned to make robots and had Rupert and Bill test Archie out until Archie got shocked by the power lines which short circuited. This caused him to start having a mind of his own, and he become fixated on getting the task done his way. This led to disaster when the robot overheard Bill's suggestion of chopping a lifetime supply of wood for everyone in Nutwood. The Professor tried to stop him with the remote, but Archie reprogrammed himself to ignore any further input until he's finished the task at hand. He would proceed to cut down many trees and further this goal by building and programning more Archie robots until Rupert and Bill found out that they could stop an Archie double by drenching it in water. Rupert tried to stop all the other Archies with a rain shower, but Archie's computer brain had anticipated every eventuality in advance and umbrellas popped up on top of all the Archie doubles! Rupert finally figured out that to stop Archie he had to tie a kite to the robot's body so that a lightning bolt would shut him and his doubles down for good (an allusion to Benjamin Franklin's famous experiment). In end the professor dismantled and rebuilt Archie with just one command since Archie had become overwhelmed by being programmed to do so many tasks. Now he is programmed just to build kites.
  • The Living Carousel - An old abandoned carousel that was found by Rupert and Otterline one day. They decided to repair it and they tried to bring it to life with the help of the Sage of Um. The Sage of Um accidentally brought it literally to life. Carousel is made up of Lion, a Zebra, an old camel, a Rhino, and two flamingos.
  • William Shakespeare - The bard himself appears in the episode "Queen Bess". He appears as a playwright who has trouble with his actors until Rupert and Ottoline help with the performance. He later helps the two recover Queen Bess' royal jewels after they are stolen.
  • Julius Caesar - Caesar meets Rupert and Bill when they accidentally travel to Nutwood during the age of the Roman Empire. They meet him at first as a nameless soldier who they tell that the Roman governor of Nutwood planned to tear down the village to build a road to get to Rome and also kidnapped the Professor's ancestor. He helps them free their friend and stops the governor's plan and has him return to Rome as a stable cleaner.
  • Queen Bess - Queen Elizabeth of England met Rupert and Otterline when travel through time via a tapestry where ended up in Nutwood Manor when the Queen came to visit on holiday. Here crown jewels were stolen by a pair of thieves until they were stopped both Rupert, Otterline, and Shakespear. In the end she thanks with a tapestry made in honor of her visit and Rupert and Otterline's heroics.
  • Ginger - a baby stegosaur that walked through the Wise Old Goat's time window when it was stuck open. Rupert met and named her after she ate his bag of ginger snaps.
  • Stella - A little girl who along with her father is in charge of taking care of the constellations in the sky. She rides around on Pegasus as she goes from the stars to Nutwood.
  • Prince Bren - A lonely bored prince who is in his early 20's. He owns an island filled with various carnival rides. He purchases new rides from a traveling salesman named Theo Thogmart. Thogmart gives him the carousel from Rupert and Otterline for his carnival, but after finding out about the theft he fires Thogmart, and with convincing from Rupert and Otterline he opens his carnival to the public.
  • Timid Snowman - A snowman that was built by Rupert and his friends. He came to Rupert's house when his home in the North Pole was being attacked by Billy Blizzard, who began to freeze its inhabitants and Santa. He is very timid and afraid, like his name suggests. He tries act brave in front other people. After seeing Rupert being frozen by Billy he faces his fears and stands up to Billy Blizzard.
  • Sir Claude and Cledwyg - A knight that lives in a lonely castle and hates dragons. His entire family have slayed dragons. Rupert and Bill meet him and a dragon named Cledwyg, which led to a feud that ended in both faking Cledwyg's death. In the end Cledwyg lives in Claude's castle heating it and providing each other company.
  • Gaffer George - an old man who runs a farm.
  • The Toy Maker - An overstressed toymaker who constantly tries to make new toys to please a king.
  • The Giant Family - A family of giants that live in a giant house, Rupert and Bill were able to help catch two mice brothers who kept stealing there food. The boys also befriends there baby.
  • Origami Animals - Animals that lived on Origami island and were made of paper, they tried to leave the island to avoid being recycled.
  • Mr. Crumb - The elderly recluse who lives in the old Finnley Manor. Rupert delivers groceries to him, and soon after becomes a part of the feud between Crumb and the Leprechauns over the precious Crumb family amulet.
  • The Leprechauns - leprechauns who Rupert encounters, Owen first, specifically, in the episode "Rupert and the Leprechauns". He soon meets King Aiden and is forced into the feud between Crumb and Leprechauns over the precious Cumb family amulet.


  • Billy Blizzard - An evil ice imp who uses a magic whistle to create an icy blizzard and constantly tries to take over winter.
  • Sir Humphrey Pumphrey - An evil antagonistic archaeologist/graverobber. Rupert met him in Egypt, when Sir Humphrey drained the Nile in an attempt to get a museum to put all of its treasure back into a tomb so he could steal it more easily. Unfortunately for him, he was stopped by Rupert and a poor boy who offered rides on his camel. He and Rupert met again when he was using a sub to vacuum the ocean floor for sunken treasure. When he heard from Rupert and a merboy that he was trespassing near Neptune's treasury, he took the chance to steal Neptune's treasure, until he was stopped by Rupert, the merboy, and the captain. He often wishes to plunder the riches of the world for his own greed.
  • Mr. Eel - An evil seaman who, along with his henchman, wants to get his hands on the treasure and the pirates.
  • Grandad Pirate - An old river pirate captain who tries to steal around Nutwood. He returned with his nephews at the retirement home for old pirates claiming to have turned straight, but in reality he planned to steal the retired pirates' treasure and let his nephews take the blame while he got away. In the end he was caught by Rupert, the Old Pirates, and his nephews.
  • Sir Guy - An evil knight that lived in Nutwood during Medieval times and attempted to take over the throne by using Algy to impersonate the real Duke Algernon of Nutwood.
  • Jasper and Sprogg - An evil game hunter and his assistant who are responsible for the kidnapping of a baby yeti called Little Yum.
  • The McSwines - An evil bandit family of pigs who often rob trains. The matriarch, Big Mom McSwine and her two sons, Delbert and Dewey started out in the lumber business; but unfortunately, they made their fortune by lying, cheating and stealing. They wished to steal Rupert and his Uncle Grizzly's fortune of gold that they were prospecting while Rupert was visiting the wild west on holiday. While robbing trains the two brothers always use fake French accents to fool train passengers while they rob them, but the passengers know who they are anyway.
  • Dennis Finch - An old colleague of the Professor who retired, but came out to get revenge on the Professor by stealing of all his and the people of Nutwood's memories from the memory bank.
  • The Professor's Reflection - When irritated and warped to distortion by the Professor's mirror travel ray machine, he became a grumpy and jealous version of the original Professor. Only when the Professor returned through the mirror was his reflection restored to his normal self.
  • The Great Mephisto - A magician who specializes in hypnosis, which he uses to hypnotize everyone in Nutwood into stealing from their own homes.
  • Dr. Reginald P. Healthminder - A small, stout evil doctor who stole the sunshine and tried to sell it for a high price. (Sunshine in a bottle - literally!) (Rupert and the Sun Bandit)
  • Snipe - A green eel who likes to stay in a bucket of water.
  • The Chameleon - A fox who is both a master thief and master of disguises. He steals a precious emerald called the tiger's eye and impersonates a detective of Scotland Yard. He is considered to be friendlier than any other antagonist in the series.
  • Constable Curly O'Haira - A constable of Applewood who outlaws jokes, riddles, pranks, and gags after the April Fool overdoes his jokes. After Rupert and Gregory teach the Fool self-control and help him put on a show, Officer Curly tries to stop it until he too gets in on the fun and stars in the fool's show.
  • Chong Lai or Tung Lai - An evil Chinese sorcerer and the enemy of the Conjuror. He fooled Rupert into thinking he was an old friend of the Conjuror, when he was actually jealous of the Conjuror for having replaced him as court magician. He had a Twilight Fan that would put its victims into an eternal sleep and so he sought vengeance by tricking Rupert into using it on Tiger Lily. When Rupert managed to awaken Tiger Lily, Tung Lai appeared to punish the bear for his interference, only for the Conjuror to intervene in Rupert's defence. The Conjuror then defeated Tung Lai (with a very clever trick question) and turned him into a bird.
  • Evil Chalk Rupert - A mischievous chalk drawing of Rupert that came to life and ran wild and ruined Rupert's good name during Rupert and Gregory's visit Chalkland. He was drawn by the fox brothers, Freddy and Ferdy Fox, so such he looks like a clown and the exact opposite of his real counterpart as he, like his creators, would do various mean pranks and causes mischief that would spiral out of control.
  • Podgy's Nightmare - A giant pickle that was dreamed up by Podgy's nightmares, he tried to make all dreams into nightmares.
  • The Birdman - An man who went around stealing various birds for his collection. He was stopped by Rupert, Audmidaud, and Ticktock the clockwork cuckoo bird.
  • Crocodiles - A bunch of crocodiles in the episode "Rupert and the Crocodiles" who wanted to eat Rupert, Podgy, and sailors.
  • The Mayor of Origami City - A mayor of a city made of buildings and various structures that were made of folded paper. The mayor became so fixated on advancing the city he cut down all the trees on the island the city was on and of course, stole paper from the citizens of Nutwood.
  • Toy General - A toy general who runs Toyland. He was formerly owned by Freddy and Ferdy. After being played with and then abandoned by them, he was under the false impression that all owners would abandon their toys.
  • Evil Genie - An evil genie who took over the kingdom of Chandalar after he was freed from his lamp and turned the sultana into a magic carpet. He commands an enchanted army of four-armed men called the Black Turbans who are just as mean and evil as he is.
  • Chess King - A giant living chess king, who along with various other chess pieces would try to take over gameland.
  • The Great Enchanter - An impatient child wizard who tried to kidnap all of the Unicorns under the belief that by stealing their horns he could magically grow up into a great and powerful wizard. He draws his power from a magic hat, which he uses as a megaphone, and rides on a griffin. (Rupert and the Sage of Um)
  • Prince Lazuli - An evil Elf prince of Gemland who stole the throne from his cousin Princess Tiara by duping her over-sized bodyguard Jasper into helping him.
  • Captain Stubbs - An evil sky pirate that stole the north, west, east, and south winds to aid in his heist to steal weather clouds.
  • The Barracuda Advisor and the Mako Brothers - An evil greedy barracuda who was the Advisor to Poseidon. He and a pair of Mako sharks called the Mako brothers plotted to steal the entire royal treasury, kidnap Poseidon's treasure (the whistle fish) and frame Rupert and the Professor for the whole incident.
  • The Pine Tree Giant - A giant who lives in a cave with tiny pine tree elves. He stole all of the Christmas tree from the citizens of Nutwood before Christmas Day. He didn't like the idea of people cutting down trees and putting ornaments on them until Gregory showed him the wonders of a Christmas tree.
  • The Baboon King- An intelligent talking Baboon with a British accent, he is the leader of group of unitelligent monkeys on an island where Rupert, the Professor and Edward landed after a ride in the Professor's hot air balloon. (Rupert and the Temple Ruins)
  • Sgt. Blister - A government agent in charge of UFO sightings, he mostly finds fakes and is skeptical about all sigtings until he witnesses both Freddy and Ferdy's prank and a real pair of aliens. He had plans to report and capture the pair until Rupert and the Professor aided them in their return home.
  • MacRobbie - A short Scottish noble who traveled to Nutwood while chasing after Nessie and caught her. He planned to put her on display until Rupert and the Professor freed her.
  • The Mulp Gulper - A giant hairy monster that, like his name suggests, eats a race of little people called Mulps, which are small purple hedgehog-like people. In response they send a champion to face him and he eats them. His weakness is that his undefeated title has given him a huge ego. That causes him to underestimate his enemies which leads to his untimely defeat by Rupert, Bill, Algy.
  • The Unlucky Magistrate - A Magistrate who bought a map to mountain only to build his palace on a Mountain that brought bad luck. So, he stole the lucky dragons belonging to Pong Ping's friend the Emperor. (Rupert and the Dragon Festival)
  • Theo Thogmart - A traveling carnival salesman who rides around in a zeppelin and sells to Prince Bren many carnival rides. He steals a magical carousel that was brought back to life by Rupert and Otterline to sell to the prince until he is caught in his theft.
  • Domina and Otis - A violently evil and irascible Scottish scientist and her Cockney English assistant. Domina is jealous of the Professor's twenty-seven-year winning streak at the Inventors' Fair, so she and Otis attempt to steal the Professor's inventions until Rupert stops them.
  • Milton and Monty - Two workmen who are after the pirates' treasure. They kidnapped Rupert's parents and the earl, Alfred. Then they're gonna kidnap Rupert, too. They got tied up in ballroom. (Rupert and the Ghost)

Voice cast[edit]

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Theme song[edit]

The theme music (the overture) played at the beginning of the show (and, with slight modifications, during the closing credits) was composed by Milan Kymlicka. The opening notes of the melody (particularly the first four notes) appear to be based on Robert Schumann's The Happy Farmer Returning from Work, Op. 68, No. 10, but the piece then evolves into a highly original, wonderfully melodic and well-orchestrated work.

When this series aired as part of the Nick Jr. block on Nickelodeon in the U.S., a different theme was written for it and used. This song was performed in a peppy, rollicking, ragtime style, with lyrics and vocals in the intro, and an instrumental of this same tune in the outro. This composition, Rupert's Number One, was co-penned by Sheree Jeacocke and Gerry Mosby, and was possibly also sung by the former.

Scenes in the intro used in this version were different from the original as well. Here, scenes used for it were taken from various episodes mostly and the ending credits differed (aside from the scene of a silhouette of one of Rupert's friends releasing the box kite as it's lifted up by the wind and Rupert pulls it away while running) from the initial, in that in the Nick, Jr. version, after getting a close up of the kite, the scene switches to various scenes of Rupert with another, different character (or other different characters). In the initial, after the kite has been lifted and there's a close-up shot of it, it's zoomed in so far that all that is seen is the color red, over which the credits are superimposed. Then there's a zoom-out of the kite and the only still scenes of either Rupert on his knees and crawling on the grass while Tiger Lily tries to bring down the kite from a tree, Rupert bends over lifting Bill to get kite, Or Rupert trying to get the kite while Podgy eats in the apples in the trees. Playhouse Disney has also aired Rupert in the Early 2000s in the United States, but used the original intro.

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