Rupert de Larrinaga

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Colonel Rupert Ashworth Ramon de Larrinaga (born 19 November 1928) is a former British skier of Basque descent[citation needed], notable for competing in the 1952 Oslo Winter Olympics games, in the Giant Slalom.[1][2]

He is also notable for being the first British Citizen to win the Skiing Kandahar Cup, and for being the captain of the British Skiing Team in the 1956 Winter Olympics, although a broken hip caused by a collision with a fellow skier prevented his direct competition in the event.[citation needed]

A Colonel in the British Army, he served in the occupation of Germany, eventually rising to command The King's Regiment. He was also a director of the large family run Larrinaga Steamship Company Ltd.

A resident of the Isle of Man, he appeared on Isle of Man stamps in 1994 in celebration of the centenary of the International Olympic Committee