Rupinderpal Singh Dhillon

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Rupinderpal Singh Dhillon at work.

Rupinderpal Singh Dhillon (Roop Dhillon) (born 1969) is a British Contemporary Punjabi Writer who writes Punjabi short stories, novels and poetry.

He was born in West London, and initially raised in Southall. Dhillon studied at Oxford Brookes University and De Montfort University. By profession he is an Accountant. His novel, Neela Noor is considered the first Punjabi novel to be published in the United Kingdom. His work is mainly influenced by Western literature. Dhillon also wrote Annexation, an English novel based partly on the life of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. In 2011 released the first serious attempt at writing Science Fiction ( Vachitaarvaad) in Punjabi. In 2013 his novel O became the first Punjabi Gothic novel. In 2014 Gunda, a novella about the current generation of immigrants to the UK, especially illegal ones and their experiences was released. Currently a novel about Musashi Miyamoto in Punjabi called Samurai is being worked upon.


  • Nila Noor, The Blue Light (ISBN 978-1846855641),2007
  • Beghar Baagh, The Homeless Leopard, 2009
  • Kaldaar, The Robot, 2010
  • "Barcelona:Ghar Vaapasi",2010
  • Bharind - The Hornet,2011, Lahore Publishers, Ludhiana
  • O,2013, Khushjeevan Kitabaan, BLURB, Holland
  • Gunda - The Gangster,2014, Kitabaan, BLURB, Holland