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Lakeview is a rural municipality located on the west shore of Lake Manitoba in Manitoba, Canada.

The first immigrants to this area were from Iceland.[citation needed] Lakeview was incorporated as a Rural Municipality in 1920. The first Council included: Magnus Peterson, G.W.Langdon(Reeve), Jas. M. Birnie, John Arksey, Alf W. Law, George Hall, Earl E. Davidson.


The largest community is the town of Langruth. It has an area of approx 240 square miles (620 km2) with a ridge running north-south through the middle of it that used to be the shore line of the historic Lake Agassiz and is now Highway #50. The west side of the ridge is mainly bush land to the edge of the Big Grass Marsh and includes a Community Pasture that was opened May 1, 1945. East of the ridge, fertile farm land gently slopes down for about 5 miles (8.0 km) to the shore of Lake Manitoba which is about 70 feet (21 m) lower than the ridge.

In 1959, a V.O.R. site was established on Section 1-17-19W and is controlled and administered by the Department of Transport.

Other landmarks and place names include: Hollywood Beach, Airedale Road, Sandy Bay, Steele Bridge, Kinosota Ridge Road, Chandler Lake, Jackfish Lake, Big Grass Marsh Muskrat Management Ranch, Big Point,

Source: "Langruth Along the Crocus Trail"

According to the Canada 2001 Census:

  • Population: 384
  • % Change (1996–2001): -5.7
  • Dwellings: 259
  • Area (km².): 567.87
  • Density (persons per km².): 0.7

Tourist Attractions The town of Langruth is home to the Rural Pride Day celebration, held the first Sunday of May each year. This parade, originally organized to show pride in agricultural pursuits, has been expanded to show Langruth and area's tolerance of BGLT lifestyles. Parade organizer David Huyber is quoted as saying "Langruth is a progressive community and supports its gay, lesbian and transgendered citizen farmers".

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