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Rhineland is a rural municipality in the province of Manitoba in Western Canada. It is located in the southern part of the province, along its border with the state of North Dakota in the United States. A population of 4,125 persons was reported in the 2006 Census, a slight decrease from the 4,183 reported in the 2001 Census. The towns of Altona, Gretna, and Plum Coulee are all located geographically within the municipality, although they are all administratively separate entities.

There is a National Historic Site at Neubergthal which was officially designated in 1998 as Neubergthal Street Village.


According to Statistics Canada, the rural municipality has an area of 953.42 km² (386.12 sq mi). The administratively separate towns of Altona and Plum Coulee are both enclaved by Rhineland, and the administratively separate town of Gretna lies at its southern edge, sandwiched between it and the state of North Dakota.


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In Fiction[edit]

This part of Canada has an important role in the "Southern Victory Series" by Harry Turtledove - depicting an alterante history in which the US sides with Germany and against Britain in the First World War. In the books, the US Army conquers Canada and keeps it under military occupation, and Canadian farmers in Manitoba wage a guerrilla war.

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