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Rush (also known as Blood Rush) is a 1983 Italian film starring Conrad Nichols (Luigi Mezzanotte). Originally produced in Italian, the rushed and poorly done overdub turned this futuristic action film into a bizarre comedy for Australian audiences.

The film was directed by Tonino Ricci and features a score by Francesco De Masi (Lo squartatore di New York and Fuga dal Bronx). Conrad Nichols stars as Rush, with supporting roles by Gordon Mitchell (End Game) as Yor, and Steve Roddem as Steel. Whilst the film is essentially a poorly made B-grade post-nuclear film, its strength lies in the unintentional humour of the poor dubbing, incoherent script, and low budget effects.


Rush is a solitary survivor in a post-nuclear holocaust world. Water is scarce, as is plant life, and often fought to the death for. Rush discovers that water is being hoarded by the evil Yor and becomes a one man army to save the world. In the Australian version of the film not only is the dubbing hilarious but also there are two characters called Steel, reused footage, and even the soundtrack is just a compilation of tracks from other De Masi films.

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