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Maurice Pate (Rush) Rehm
Nationality American
Fields Dramatist, classicist, actor
Institutions Stanford University
Alma mater Princeton University

Rush Rehm (born 1949) is an associate professor of drama and classics at Stanford University, California, in the United States.[1] He also works professionally as an actor and director. He has published many works on classical theatre. Rehm is the artistic director of Stanford Repertory Theater, a professional theater company that presents a dramatic festival based on a major playwright each summer.


Rush Rehm received his BA in creative writing and classics from Princeton University, where he graduated summa cum laude in 1973. In 1975 he received his MA in classical studies from Melbourne University as a Fulbright fellow. He completed his PhD in drama (directing and criticism) and humanities from Stanford University in 1985.

From 1985 to 1990, Rehm was an assistant professor of classics and theater studies at Emory University, where he taught acting and directing in addition to Greek and classical drama. He has taught at Stanford since 1990, where he has held the position of professor of drama and classics since 2003.

Rehm has published five books on classical drama and numerous papers and reviews across a range of topics in the classics and theater. He has acted in, directed, and produced dozens of plays, most recently reading as Donald Rumsfeld in a 2014 production of Mt. Misery in San Francisco. In 2014, he also directed stage adaptations of Moby Dick and The War of the Worlds. He is the Artistic Director of the Stanford Repertory Theater (formerly Stanford Summer Theater).



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Articles and reviews[edit]

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