Rushford Lake

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Rushford Lake
Location Allegany County, New York
Coordinates 42°22′57″N 78°11′34″W / 42.3825°N 78.1928°W / 42.3825; -78.1928Coordinates: 42°22′57″N 78°11′34″W / 42.3825°N 78.1928°W / 42.3825; -78.1928
Type reservoir
Primary inflows Rush Creek, Caneadea Creek
Primary outflows Genesee River, Caneadea Creek
Basin countries United States
Max. depth 120 ft (37 m)
Settlements Balcom Beach, Hillcrest

Rushford Lake is a small reservoir in the western part of New York, USA. The lake is in the northwest part of Allegany County, New York, mostly in the Town of Rushford, but the eastern part of the lake is in the Town of Caneadea.

The lake has a crescent shape. Rush Creek feeds into the south end of the lake and an outlet on the east side feeds into the Genesee River. The maximum depth is 120 feet (37 m).

Rushford Gorge circa 1900

Rushford lake was formed by a dam on Caneadea Creek in 1927, resulting in the loss of the communities of East Rushford and Kellogville by flooding. The dam and resulting lake were originally owned and governed by Rochester Gas and Electric (RG&E) for the purpose to control the water level in the Genesee River. In 1981 the dam and Rushford Lake was transferred to the Rushford Lake Recreation District who currently manage the dam, lake and shoreline usage.

The angling public does have access to the lake in two spots. On the north side of the lake, the Balcom Beach area provides shore fishing access and a trailered boat launch. Launching for boats engaged in fishing only is free, seven days a week. Near the dam, an area off Dam Road provides shore fishing access. Rushford Lake is 585 acres (2.37 km2) in size. The lake is drawn down 40 feet (12 m) each winter and ice fishing is not allowed.

The communities of Balcom Beach (northern shore) and Hillcrest (western shore) are located near the lake. New York State Route 243 passes the northern end of the lake.

The lake is largely a recreational lake during the summer months. It is also stocked yearly with brown and rainbow trout in the spring for quality fishing by the NYS DEC. Bass, crappie, carp, perch, suckers, bullhead and sunfish are also part of this fishery.

Rushford Lake is the setting of the 2004 movie Ghost Lake. In the film, the souls of village residents who drowned after the dam's construction return one hundred years later to avenge their death. Actual shooting took place on the lake.