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Ruslan Pukhov is a prominent[1] Russian defense analyst and the co-founder and director of the Moscow-based think tank Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies.[1][2] Mr. Pukhov is a frequent contributor to Western media outlets due to his subject-matter expertise, combined with his foreign language skills. Pukhov is a member of the Public Council under the Russian Defense Ministry.

Ruslan Pukhov
Born Ruslan Nikolaevich Pukhov
Elektrostal, USSR
Residence Moscow, Russian Federation
Nationality  Russia
Occupation Russian defense specialist and business owner

Early Life and Education[edit]

Ruslan Nikolaevich Pukhov was born in the Moscow municipality of Elektrostal in 1972. Pukhov graduated from the School of International Information of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations MGIMO under the Russian Foreign Ministry in 1996. In 1996-1997 he was a post-graduate student at the Franco-Russian Master d'Etudes Internationales Sciences Po and served as an intern at the Russian Embassy in Paris. In 1996-1997 he was a researcher on the Conventional Arms Project of the Center for Policy Studies in Russia. Pukhov is fluent in Russian, French, and English.

Career at CAST[edit]

In 1997, alongside Konstantin Makienko, Pukhov founded the Centre for the Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST).[3] CAST is a private think tank that conducts research on issues of Russian defense and security, with a specific focus on Russia defense industry and the arms trade. As director of the centre, Pukhov is a central figure in the group's various commercial enterprises: full-length book publishing, periodical publishing, contract consulting, and various information services. Pukhow has overseen and introduced the release of three defense journals and digests since founding CAST: Eksport Vooruzheniy Journal (Журнал «Экспорт вооружений»)(1997), the centre's principal publication and largest subscription product, is a bi-monthly Russian-language journal covering Russian arms trade issues; Periscope, an "early bird" style daily digest of defense and arms trade news compiled from Russian and foreign media sources and government reports; and the Moscow Defense Brief, an English-language journal written for overseas audiences, covering developments and trends within international relations, the Russian defense industry, the arms trade, the Russian armed forces, and global security.


Mr. Pukhov is the editor or co-editor of the following books:

Mr. Pukhov is a contributing author to the following books:

Pukhov is the author of numerous research articles on the international arms trade and conventional military sales, with specific expertise on the defense industries of Russia and France, an.[2]


In 2007 Ruslan Pukhov received the "Golden Idea" Award from the Russian Federation Federal Service for Military-technical Cooperation, for the creation and growth of the arms export journal Eksport Vooruzheniy. The award was given for excellence in the category of "Information support of arms exports."[4]

In the Press[edit]

Pukhov is a regular columnist and contributor to The New York Times,[5] The Moscow Times,[6] the Valdai Discussion Club,[7] and various other English- and Russian-language media print.

Pukhov has also given many interviews on defense matters for major media sources such as United Press International,[8] RIA Novosti,[9] Nezavisimaya Gazeta,[10] RT,[11] CNN,[12][13] Reuters.,[14] and others.

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