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This article is about the township. For the village sharing the same name, see Russell, Ontario (community).
Township of Russell
Motto: Pax et prosperitas
Map of Russell Township
Map of Russell Township
Russell is located in Ontario
Map of Russell Township
Coordinates: 45°15′25″N 75°21′30″W / 45.25694°N 75.35833°W / 45.25694; -75.35833Coordinates: 45°15′25″N 75°21′30″W / 45.25694°N 75.35833°W / 45.25694; -75.35833
Country  Canada
Province  Ontario
County Prescott and Russell
 • Mayor Jean-Paul Saint-Pierre
 • Council
 • Total 199.06 km2 (76.86 sq mi)
Elevation 60 m (200 ft)
Population (2011 Census)[2]
 • Total 15,247 (township)
 • Density 76.6/km2 (198/sq mi)
Time zone EST (UTC-5)
 • Summer (DST) EDT (UTC-4)
Postal Code K0A1W0 & K0A1W1 (eastern portion), K4R (western portion)
Area code(s) 613

The Township of Russell is a municipal township, located south-east of Canada's capital of Ottawa in eastern Ontario, in the United Counties of Prescott and Russell, on the Castor River. Russell Township is located within Canada's National Capital Region.

The township had a population of 15,247 in the Canada 2011 Census.


The primary communities are Embrun and Russell.

Smaller communities listed in the official Ontario place names database are Felton, Forget, Marionville, North Russell and Pana. Both the municipal government and Canada Post consider Brisson and Forget to be part of Embrun, and Felton, North Russell, and Pana as part of Russell. Canada Post also considers Marionville to be part of Russell, although the municipality considers Marionville to be separate. It should be noted that, as Marionville is on the border of the township, parts of it fall into the neighbouring jurisdictions of North Dundas Township and the City of Ottawa.


According to the Canada 2011 Census [3]

  • Population: 15,247
    • Urban: 10,139
      • Embrun: 6,380
      • Russell: 3,759
    • Rural: 5,108
  •  % Change (2006–2011): 9.8
  • Dwellings: 5,345
  • Area (km²): 199.06
  • Density (persons per km²): 76.6


The township is predominantly English-speaking with a significant French-speaking minority. 60% of the population speaks English most often at home, while 38% speaks French most often at home.[3] The remaining 2% speak either both languages equally, or speak a different language most often. The different parts of the township have different distributions of language, however. Embrun is more strongly francophone, with 54% French-speaking and 43% English-speaking.[4] Russell, on the other hand, has a stronger anglophone majority, with 88% English-speaking and 10% French-speaking.[5]

In terms of mother tongue, however, the statistics differ. Because it is more common for Francophone Canadians to switch to using English as their main language later in life, than it is for Anglophone Canadians to switch to French, the percentage of the population that has French as a mother tongue is higher than the percentage of the population that uses French as their main language at home. With the mother tongue statistic, the township is 50% anglophone and 45% francophone.[3] In Embrun, 60% have French mother tongue and 35% have English mother tongue.[4] In Russell, 77% have English mother tongue and 18% have French mother tongue.[5]

The most commonly spoken minority languages in the township are Dutch, German, and Arabic. 235 people across the township have one of these three languages as their mother tongue.

Language spoken most often at home Entire township (number) Entire township (percentage) Embrun (number)[4] Embrun (percentage) Russell (number)[5] Russell (percentage)
English 9,020 59.5% 2,735 43.4% 3,315 88.2%
French 5,800 38.2% 3,405 54.0% 390 10.4%
English and French equally 210 1.4% 110 1.7% 30 0.8%
Other 130 0.9% 55 0.9% 25 0.7%
Mother tongue language Entire township (number)[3] Entire township (percentage) Embrun (number)[4] Embrun (percentage) Russell (number)[5] Russell (percentage)
English 7,595 50.0% 2,210 35.1% 2,890 76.9%
French 6,800 44.8% 3,800 60.3% 690 18.4%
English and French equally 180 1.3% 75 1.3% 20 0.5%
Dutch 100 0.7% 15 0.2% 5 0.1%
German 100 0.7% 10 0.2% 0 0.0%
Arabic 35 0.2% 10 0.2% 0 0.0%

Ethnocultural ancestries[edit]

The township's population is 96% white, 2.0% Aboriginal, 0.8% Black, 0.6% Arab, and 0.6% other visible minority.[6]

The main ethnic ancestries among the white population are French, English, Irish, Scottish, German, and Dutch.

In data:

Single responses: 27.2% of respondents gave a single response of 'Canadian', while a further 23.6% identified with both 'Canadian', and one or more other ancestries. 9.7% of respondents gave a single response of French, 3.5% gave a single response of English, 3.1% gave a single response of Dutch, and 2.5% gave a single response of Irish.

Multiple responses: Counting both single and multiple responses, the most commonly identified ethnocultural ancestries were:

Canadian 50.8%
French 34.9%
English 20.1%
Irish 18.0%
Scottish 13.7%
German 7.6%
Dutch 5.2%
North American Indian 3.1%
Italian 2.0%

Percentages are calculated as a proportion of the total number of respondents and may total more than 100% due to dual responses.
All ethnocultural ancestries of more than 2% are listed in the table above according to the exact terminology used by Statistics Canada.


Township Council[edit]

The current council of Russell Township was elected on October 25, 2010 in the 2010 municipal elections on October 25, 2010.

  • Mayor: Jean-Paul Saint-Pierre
  • Councillors: Eric Bazinet, Craig Cullen, Jamie Laurin, Pierre Leroux

The municipal offices are located in Embrun.

Federal and provincial representation[edit]

The township is located within the federal electoral district of Glengarry-Prescott-Russell. It is represented by Pierre Lemieux (Conservative). The provincial electoral district, also named Glengarry-Prescott-Russell, is represented by Grant Crack (Liberal).

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