Russian Championship (rugby league)

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Russian Championship (rugby league)
Russian RL Championship.png
Sport Rugby League
Founded 1991
No. of teams 6
Country Russia Russia
Most recent champion(s) Lokomotiv Moscow

The Russian Championship (sometimes referred to as the Russian Super League or the Championship of Russia) is the major rugby league tournament for clubs in Russia. Currently six teams from across Russia compete in this competition. The league is governed by the Russian Rugby League.

It was established in 1991 to form a national rugby league competition from the many amateur and semi-professional leagues in Moscow, Kazan and other districts of Russia. An attempt was made to organize and register a national competition during the USSR era, but permission was denied on the basis of the professional status of the game.

The Russia national rugby league team (with the exception of limited foreign players such as former captain Ian Rubin) is largely made up of players drawn from the Russian Championship.

2014 Teams[edit]

Russian Championship Teams
Team Stadium City/Area
Vereya Bears Nara Sports Centre, Narofominsk Vereya, Moscow Oblast

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