Ministry of Energy (Russia)

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Ministry of Energy of Russia
Министерство энергетики Российской Федерации
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Agency overview
Formed 12 May 2008
Jurisdiction Government of Russia
Headquarters Shchepkina st. 42, Moscow
55°46′59.54″N 37°37′49.74″E / 55.7832056°N 37.6304833°E / 55.7832056; 37.6304833Coordinates: 55°46′59.54″N 37°37′49.74″E / 55.7832056°N 37.6304833°E / 55.7832056; 37.6304833
Minister responsible Alexander Novak

The Russian Ministry of Energy is, since 2008, the Russian federal ministry responsible for energy policy.

The ministry was created in May 2008 as part of a reorganization by the incoming government of President Dmitry Medvedev. It is headquartered in Moscow. The former Ministry of Industry and Energy was turned into the Ministry of Industry, whose present Minister is Viktor Khristenko, gaining responsibility for trade policy from the former Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, but losing responsibility for energy policy, which was split off into the new Ministry of Energy. The former Federal Agency for Energy (Rosenergo) was also merged into the new Ministry of Energy.[1]



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