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The Russian Music Charts (Russian: Российские музыкальные чарты) are Russian music industry standard popularity rankings compiled weekly by 2M (sales charts) and Tophit (airplay charts). Albums and tracks rankings are based on sales, which are compiled through retail data captured electronically each week from Russian music retailers. Currently all major music stores and chains submit data for the charts, accounting for over 75% of the market, according to 2M. A new sales chart is compiled by 2M on Monday and officially released to the public by on Friday. A new airplay chart is compiled by Tophit on Tuesday and officially released to the public by on Wednesday.

The Russian Charts include:

  • Russia Top 25. Albums (2M)
  • Russia Top 10. Digital Tracks (2M)
  • Airplay Detection Tophit 100 (Tophit)[edit]

2M was founded in the mid 1990s as a trade paper for the Russian music industry, and it was called the pioneer of Russian b2b-magazine' industry.[1] The magazine became the first to published Russian music hit parade of albums based on sales.[2] Nowadays 2M works with NFPF the territorial body of IFPI in Russia and publishes charts as well as certifications of music releases. 2M announced November 25, 2011 that the company started accounts streaming sales to its digital chart Russia Top 10. Digital Tracks. Since that date chart provides sales from the largest Russian internet stores such as Yandex.Music, Nokia OVI Music Store,, Inform-bobile and IncoreMedia.[3]


Tophit is a company which distributes new songs to the radio and compiles airplay charts. It was established by Vadim Botnariuc, the former head of the National Federation of Phonogram Producers (NFPP).[4] It's often used as a resource to determine the popularity of artists in Russia.[5][6][7] Universal Music Russia called Tophit the most powerful airplay chart provider in Russian territory.[8] Gala Records (EMI licensee in Russia, now called Warner Music Russia) called Airplay Detection Tophit 100 the national airplay chart of Russia.[9] The chart is also published regularly by Russian television channel Muz-TV.[10]

Tophit includes:

  • weekly airplay charts — Weekly General, Weekly Audience Choice, Weekly Russia, Weekly Moscow, Weekly St. Petersburg, Weekly Ukraine, Weekly Kiev;
  • monthly airplay charts — Monthly General, Monthly Audience Choice, Monthly Russia, Monthly Moscow, Monthly St. Petersburg, Monthly Ukraine, Monthly Kiev;
  • yearly airplay charts — Yearly General, Yearly General (Russian music), Yearly Audience Choice, Yearly Moscow, Yearly St. Petersburg, Yearly Kiev;
  • artists charts — Top Artists General, Top Artists Audience Choice, Top Artists Moscow, Top Artists St. Petersburg, Top Artists Kiev;
  • a special chart — Merry Christmas.

General charts is compiled on the basis of the data about singles’ weekly rotation on air of 230 Russian radiostations as well 200 ones of Ukraine, the CIS countries, Baltic States, Cyprus, Israel, Germany, the US and Canada, which broadcast in Russian.[11]

Highscores chart. Tophit[edit]

Highscores by the number of singles №1 (CIS and Russia)[edit]

hits №1
Artist «Biggest» Hit
Nyusha "Vibirat' chudo (Choose Your Miracle)" (12 weeks) [12]
MakSim "Мой рай (My Paradise)" [13]
"Лучшая ночь (Best Night)" (7 weeks) [14]
Vintage "Ева (Eva)" (9 недель) [15]
Serebro "Скажи, не молчи (Tell Me Not Be Silent)" (13 weeks) [16]
Dima Bilan "Невозможное возможно (Impossible Is Possible)" (10 weeks) [17]
Julia Savicheva "Привет (Hello)" (10 weeks) [18]
Ёlka "На большом воздушном шаре (On the big balloon)" (8 weeks) [19]
Rihanna "Diamonds" (16 weeks) [20]
Vera Brezhneva "Любовь спасёт мир (Love will save the world)" (9 weeks) [21]
VIA Gra "Поцелуи (Kiss)"[22][23] (7 weeks)
Dan Bălan "Chica Bomb" (4 weeks) [24]
Gradusi "Голая (The Naked)" (10 weeks) [25]
Valeriya "Нежность моя (My Tenderness)" (3 weeks) [26]
Irakly "Время (Time)" (12 weeks) [27]

Highscores by the number of singles №1 (Ukraine)[edit]

Highscores by the number of singles №1 (Kiev)[edit]

Highscores by the number of weeks on №1[edit]

  • 16 weeks
«Diamonds» (Rihanna)
  • 14 weeks
«Prayer in C» (Lilly Wood and the Prick & Robin Schulz)
«Wake Me Up» (Avicii feat. Aloe Blacc)
  • 13 weeks
«Skazhi, ne Molchi» (Serebro)
  • 12 weeks
«Vybirat' chudo» (Nyusha)
«Vremya» (Irakly)
  • 11 weeks
«Vospominanie» (Nyusha)
«Vyshe» (Nyusha)
«Musi-Pusi» (Katya Lel)

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