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Emblem of the Signal Troops

Russian Signal Troops (Russian: Войска связи) is the specializing signal corps of the Ground Forces of the Russian Armed Forces.[1]

Military relationship is an integral part of the Armed Forces, and its material basis.Its condition and functioning largely dependent efficiency of command, the timeliness of combat equipment and weapons. In its development, the military relationship has come a long and difficult process that is inextricably linked with the history of the Armed Forces, the changes in the forms and methods of their use and the improvement of military art. From simple audio and visual means of communication for the transmission of signals and commands on the battlefield to widely branched multi-channel, advanced automated systems that can provide a link virtually unlimited range of both stationary and moving objects on the ground, in the water, under the water and in the air this is the historical path of development and improvement of military communications. Communication on the battlefield is one of the main types of operational support.


Due to the spatial scale hostilities communication problem in the military in the 19th century acquired great importance. First endeavors to introduce the telegraph took place during the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878., Brought enormous benefit in the management of troops, they have led to greater use of means of communication. Telegraph and telephone occupied a prominent place in the management of troops. The most widely developed mobile lines for leading troops directly in the war theater. At the end of the 19th century by telegraph park consisting administered by Chief Engineer's Office, equal in Central Russia - 17-year (975 miles) and the Caucasus - two (130 miles). In addition, the fortresses were created 55 communication nodes (423 mile).

In February 1905, in the Red Village, where there was a military warehouse radioimuschestva purchased abroad, was sent a group of officers, graduates of military signalers electrical schools to train stations to study the experience of command and control in combat conditions. Already in March 1905, these officers were sent, and in June 1905 came to the front the Russian-Japanese war. In the Russian-Japanese war in 1904, joined the army, still not having wireless telegraphy.

In 1912 were established rations communications towers. Each building consists of two infantry divisions (8 infantry regiments), one battalion (one and three sapper telegraph company) and one field engineering department park was stocked with 20 telegraph, telephones 193 and 333 versts cable.

The first elements of the communication and the Red Army formed in 1918. October 20, 1919 Troops established as independent special troops. In 1941, the post of the Chief of Communication Troops


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