Russian collaborationism with the Axis powers

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German Army intelligence units related with the Russian cause[edit]

German Commanders linked with Russian units[edit]

Russian Anti-Soviet Leaders and Commanders[edit]

Russian political leaders[edit]

Russian volunteers in German Army forces[edit]

Russian volunteers in the German Air Force[edit]

They were equipped with German and captured Soviet aircraft including: Arado Ar 66C, Gotha Go 145C, Polikarpov U-2 VS(Po-2) or Yakovlev Yak UT-2 (AIR-20) among other types for making night land attacks against Red Army lines on the Eastern front. Their command HQ was detached in Minsk, Belarus.

  • 1.Ostfl.St.(Russische) (Eastern volunteers Sqdn.) (Minsk)
  • 1/NSGr.1 (Russische) (Kovno)
  • 2/NSGr.1 (Russische) (Kovno)
  • Stab I./Eins.Gr.Fl.Sch.Div. (Russische) (Borisov)
  • Russisch Lehr Fl. Div. (Air Training operative Div). (Borisov)
  • 2/Eins.Gr.Fl.Sch Div. (Russische) (Borisov)
  • 3/Eins.Gr.Fl.Sch.Div. (Russische) (Borisov)
  • 1/Eins.Gr.Fl.Sch.Div. (Russische) (Dubinskaya)


  • Dobrovoletz (Der Freiwillige) – Russian volunteer units
  • Novoye Slovo — Official political news of Andrei Vlasov, in Berlin

Russian right parties and political organizations[edit]

  • Narodnaya Socialisticheskaya Partiya (Russian National Socialist Party), later renamed Nacional-Socialisticheskaya Rabochaya Partiya Rossii (National-Socialist Labour Party of Russia) with first led by K. Voskoboynik, later for Bronislav Kaminski, in Lokot Autonomy, a Russian autonomous area not under direct German control.
  • Russian National Committee (Narodnaya Rossiya Komitet)
  • Committee for the Liberation of the Peoples of Russia (Komitet Osvobozhyeniya Narodov Rossii) (KONR), movements led by General Andrey Vlasov.
  • Smolensk Manifesto
  • Prague Manifesto also Hradschin Manifesto
  • Russian Propaganda Schools

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