Russians in Brazil

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Russian Brazilian
Russo-brasileiro  · Русский бразилец
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Notable Russian Brazilians:
Eliana MichaelichenDanielle Winits
Total population
200,000 Brazilians with Russian ancestry[1]
Regions with significant populations


Mainly Southern and Southeastern Brazil
Brazilian Portuguese, Russian
Mainly Russian Orthodox Church,
some Roman Catholicism, Protestantism,
Judaism, Irreligion.
Related ethnic groups
Other Russian and Brazilian people
Other East European or Orthodox White Brazilians as Latvian, Ukrainian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Croatian, other Yugoslav, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Greek and Armenian Brazilians, and also most of Ashkenazi Jewish Brazilians

Russian Brazilian (Portuguese: Russo-brasileiro, Russian: Русский бразилец Russkiy brazilets) is a Brazilian person of full, partial, or predominantly Russian ancestry, or a Russian-born person residing in Brazil. The term can also refer to somomeone with a Brazilian mother and Russian father, or vice versa.

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