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Russian Brazilian (Portuguese: Russo-brasileiro, Russian: Русский бразилец Russkiy brazilets) is a Brazilian person of full, partial, or predominantly Russian ancestry, or a Russian-born person residing in Brazil. The term can also refer to somomeone with a Brazilian mother and Russian father, or vice versa.

About 0.2 million Brazilians with Russian ancestry have been estimated.[according to whom?][year needed][not in citation given][1]

Fernando Lázaro de Barros Basto in Síntese da história da imigração no Brasil (1970) gives a total number of 319,215 immigrants from "Russia" (i.e. the Russian Empire pre-1917 and the Soviet Union post-1917) for the period of 1871 to 1968. A substantial portion of this number is due to ethnic Poles and ethnic Germans immigrating from the Russian Empire.[2]

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