Russo-Persian Wars

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The Russo-Persian Wars were a series of wars fought between the Russian Empire and Persia between the 17th and 19th centuries, the most important of which were:

List of conflicts[edit]

Name Result
1 Russo-Persian War (1651–53) Persian strategic victory. Safavids gain more influence in the North Caucasus
2 Russo-Persian War (1722–23) Russia gains possession of Derbent, Baku, and the provinces of Shirvan, Gilan, Mazandaran, and Astrabad, but returns all territories to Persia 9 years later.[1]
3 Russo-Persian War (1796) Russian withdrawal.
4 Russo-Persian War (1804–13) Russian victory. Treaty of Gulistan[2]
5 Russo-Persian War (1826–28) Russia loses and then retakes disputed areas. Treaty of Turkmenchay[3]

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