Rustavi International Motorpark

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Rustavi International Motorpark
Rustavi International Motorpark
Rustavi International Motorpark in April 2012
Location 3700, Rustavi, 21st km of the Tbilisi-Tsiteli Bridge highway
Rustavi 85323
Time zone GMT+4
Capacity 7,500
Owner Shota Abkhazava
Major events Legends Cars Championship
Formula Alfa Championship
Touring & GT Championship
Road Course
Surface Asphalt
Length 2.56 mi (4.1 km)
Turns 12
Banking Maximum rise 3.16%
Maximum fall 2.5%
Minimum slope 1.75%
Maximum slope 8%
Lap record 1:57.027 (Data Kajaia, MIA Force, 2013, Legends)

The Rustavi International Motorpark is a motor racing venue located 20 kilometres (12 mi) south-east of Tbilisi, Georgia.


Rustavi was the last race track built in the USSR. Opened in 1978, the original Rustavi circuit was 2.5 miles (4.0 km) in length with a width of 18 metres (59 ft) at the start-finish straight, 14 metres (46 ft) in turns and 12 metres (39 ft) in straights. A karting track, automobile cross circuit and motorbike track were also included ino the complex, as well as grandstands for 500-800 people. A technical building and hotel were located nearby. The first races took place at the end of 1979. Until 1989 the track hosted eleven USSR Championship events; however, from 1989 until 2009 the track was not maintained and fell into decay.[1] In 2009 the private company[2] Stromos bought the site at a state auction and began redevelopment.


Now the track is totally rebuilt with some configuration changes.[3] More than 250000 m3 of soil have been moved. New permanent concrete grandstand was erected, which would seat 2,000 people comfortably. 28 FIA-standard pit boxes were built with a Tribune 2, restaurant and conference hall upstairs. Race control tower is located at the third floor of the pitbuilding.

A tunnel for heavy trucks was made under the straight between Turn 2 and Turn 3. Pedestrian tunnel was added to connect main grandstand with the paddock. Spectators can get to the newly built Tribune 3 across a bridge with two Svanuri towers.

The track has been equipped with several engineering systems like video surveillance covering all the distance, 14 electronically controlled signaling lights, fiber-optic network, sound distribution and AMB timekeeping with 5 loops.

Start-finish line has been extended up to 1/2 mile to serve as a dragstrip.


Rustavi International Motorpark logo

After the reconstruction the raceway satisfies to the FIA Grade 2[4] safety regulations that allow to host the most of international racing series including GP2. All runoff areas are filled with gravel of special type, but the most critical ones have asphalted surface.


In 2012 the track hosts events of different types, like 8-staged national Legends car racing and Formula Alfa championships[5] , drag racing, pairs racing, drifting, karting, motorcycles and club racing.[6] Tickets are priced at 5 GEL (about $3.00) and available at the gate. Major events are covered in local "Channel 1" (Georgian Public Broadcaster). Since July 14, 2012 local bookmaker "EuropeBet" gives a line[7] on the main race groups of the Georgian Open Championship.


The motorpark is home for several newly established national teams, such as Gulf Racing, Liberty Bank Racing, MIA Force, Team Ajara, VTB Bank, Sports Ministry Team and GPB Team.

Track specifications[edit]

Rustavi International Motorpark
Specification Size
Length 4.140 kilometres (2.572 mi)
Minimum width 12.5 metres (41 ft)
Maximum width 21.5 metres (71 ft)
Length of start-finish straight 667 metres (2,188 ft)
Maximum speed estimate for GP2 car 282 kilometres per hour (175 mph)
Direction Counterclockwise
Maximum longitudinal rise 3.16%
Maximum longitudinal fall 2.5%
Minimum lateral slope 1.75%
Maximum lateral slope 8%
Turns 7 left, 5 right
Grandstand capacity at the first stage of operation T1 - 2500, T2 - 2000, T3 - 3000
Number of pits 28
Size of pit garage 6 by 14 metres (20 ft × 46 ft)



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Coordinates: 41°34′14″N 44°56′56″E / 41.5706°N 44.9489°E / 41.5706; 44.9489