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Rustlers are a range of hamburgers and hot sandwiches produced by Kepak Convenience Foods, based in Kirkham, Lancashire, England. The parent company, Kepak, is based in Dublin, Ireland. Each product in the range comes packed with a sachet of sauce appropriate for the food. Several products are now also packaged with a slice of processed cheese or a rasher of bacon.[1][2]

The focus of the marketing is on the short cooking time and the use of a microwave oven to reheat the food. The brand's slogan is "0 to Tasty in Seconds", recently modified from "0 to Tasty in 70 Seconds".


The brand's marketing campaigns appear to be aimed at young men, who may prefer convenience in food. This can be seen in marketing involving desirable young women,[3] and the original television advert involving young men taking modified microwaves to "cruise" style events.

Voice-overs for the adverts are provided by Steve Berry, a man known for his enthusiasm for motorcycles, which fits the brand's theme of speed in its marketing.[citation needed] A more obscure connection between Berry and Rustlers is that both originate in Lancashire.[citation needed]

In 2012, two online adverts for the brand were banned by the ASA because they were sexually provocative.[4]

Smaller Product Sizes[edit]

As of late April 2014, the "Big One" burger has suddenly shrunk from 243 g to 211 g, a huge decrease of 15% for a product advertised as "Big". Also, there is no difference between the rustler Quarter pounder and the rustler cheeseburger, as both have the same burger in them and they both come with cheese and sauce.

Eat Late Eat Safe campaign[edit]

In 2007 the brand became associated with the "Eat Late Eat Safe" campaign. This is an effort by UK fire services to spread awareness about the dangers of cooking while under the influence of alcohol, particularly aimed at university students. The brand is particularly suitable for this purpose because of its reliance on microwave ovens, which are generally regarded as less likely to cause fires. Rustlers' involvement in the cause involves a section linking to the campaign's site on its own website, and the distribution of free samples and money-off coupons during a tour of UK universities. The campaign's awareness leaflets are given out with the samples and coupons.[5][6]


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