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Ruth Fine (born 1957 in Buenos Aires, Argentina) is Professor of Spanish and Latin-American Literatures at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She serves as Director of the European Fourm and Director of the Institute of Western Cultures at the same academic institution. Since 2008 Prof. Fine also serves as president of the Association of Hispanists in Israel.


Academic background[edit]

In 1981, after receiving a MA degree from the University of Buenos Aires in Comparative, Spanish and Latin-American Literature and in Spanish and Latin Philology, Fine immigrated to Israel. In 1998 Fine received her Ph.D degree in the Department of Spanish and Latin American Literature at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Since 1987 she has been working at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Between 2008 and 2012 Prof. Fine chaired the Department of Romance and Latin American Studies. Among her many academic tasks at the Hebrew University, she was appointed in 2009 as the first director of the "Liwerant Center for the study of Latin America, Spain, Portugal and their Jewish Communities". In 2010 she was appointed also as the Director of the "Institute of Western Cultures", and since 2012 she serves as director of the "European Forum". In 2007, after founding the Association of Hispanists in Israel, she was elected as its first president, a position she holds ever since. Prof. Fine also holds distinguished positions in International associations that are linked to her areas of research, such as member of the academic board of the International Association of Siglo de Oro (AISO), and vice-president of the International Association of Hispanists. In 2012 she was awarded with the "Order of the Civil Merit" conferred by the King Juan Carlos I of Spain to a foreign citizen, for an extraordinary service for the benefit of Spain and the relations between Israel and Spain.

Her main fields of research are: Spanish Golden Age Literature (16th-17th centuries); The Literature of the Conversos after 1492; The Work of Cervantes; The Presence of the Bible and of Jewish Elements in the Work of Cervantes; Semiotics and Literary Theory; Contemporary Ibero-American literature; The Work of Jorge Luis Borges


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