Ruth Frances Long

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Ruth Frances Long
Ruth Frances Long at Con.jpg
Born 20 April 1971
Dublin, Ireland
Pen name R.F. Long, Ruth Frances Long
Occupation Writer
Nationality Irish
Genre romance, fantasy, young adult, paranormal romance

Ruth Frances Long, also known as R. F. Long, (20 April 1971) is an Irish author who writes in the fantasy and romance genres. She is the author of the young adult novel The Treachery of Beautiful Things and is working on a new YA series, set in Dublin and further afield and featuring Irish folklore, fairies, angels and demons.[1]


Ruth Long is an Dublin-born writer of fantasy novels, novellas and short stories both for adults and in the young adult category. In university she completed an M.A. in English Literature having also studied the History of Religions and Celtic Civilisation. Long has always been interested in fantasy, romance and ancient mysteries. Along with writing, she is a librarian, working initially in the Co. Dublin library system. Long is now head librarian for a private specialized library of rare and unusual books.[1] She currently lives in Wicklow. The sequel to "A Crack in Everything", her latest novel, is due out in 2015.[2][3]



Short stories[edit]

  • Elements appeared in Flashing Swords' Summer Special (2008)
  • Carrying Keptara in the Hadley Rille Books Anthology Ruins Metropolis (2008)
  • The Wrecker's Daughter in the Fall issue of Ocean Magazine (2008)


  • The Wolf's Sister (2008)
  • The Wolf's Mate (2009)
  • The Wolf's Destiny (2011)


  • The Scroll Thief (2009)
  • Soul Fire (2010)
  • Songs of the Wolf : Tales of the Holtlands (2010) – This is the collected version of the two novella's The Wolf's Sister and The Wolf's Mate

Ruth Frances Long[edit]

  • The Treachery of Beautiful Things (2012)
  • A Crack in Everything (2014)


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